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Invigorating Kota cotton sarees from Rajasthan

The Kota Cotton Saree is woven in a manner designed to produce check patterns on the fabric. The square shaped checks are known as Khats. The Kota Doria weave employs the warp and the weft in a special combination of cotton threads to form the extremely fine checkered pattern. 552 more words

Week of Spring Trends | Tuesday

Today’s 2016 Spring Trend is textured pieces! Textured pieces are a great way to switched up an otherwise boring outfit. From crochet to lace, spring is the perfect time to experiment with new textures. 158 more words

Epic Tales on Canvas – Patachitra Sarees

Patachitra or Pattachitra has its origin in Odisha, India. ‘Pata’ is cloth and ‘chitra’ means picture or painting in Sanskrit. Hence Pattachitra would come to mean painting on a cloth or canvas. 715 more words

The Grand silk sarees of Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram, situated close to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is famous for its Kanchipuram or Kanjeevaram Sarees. These traditional Sarees are of both silk and cotton, but with the Kanchipuram Silk Sari having a special place in the fabric world. 705 more words

Clothing for a Cause | Sevenly

Today I’m starting a new series on my blog called Clothing for a Cause. I’m very passionate about giving back where you can, and there are many causes that use fashion to raise money and awareness. 109 more words

Chettinad handloom salwar kameez – Adding variety and colour to your life

Chettinad, or Chettinadu in Tamil Nadu, India has contributed to the Indian cultural scene through its famed Chettinad style of cooking and the unique Chettinad fabrics. 512 more words

Unnati Silks

The unusual attraction of the Narayanpet handloom cotton sarees

The Narayanpet Saree, though woven in silk also sports a range of exotic and appealing handloom cotton sarees traditionally from Narayanpet, a town in Telangana, India. 475 more words