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How to Take Online Classes

College isn’t easy, that’s for sure. A lot of people sign up for online classes thinking it will be easier than taking classes in person, but I don’t think that’s true. 342 more words


The online learning evolution: Building colleges in the clouds

Online education is no longer for lonely outliers. Just as it’s now perfectly commonplace for some of your favorite couples to bravely admit they met online, the digital revolution means that online education has become more acceptable and more prevalent than ever. 1,146 more words


Enter Nursing With A Bachelors Degree, Then Go For Advancement With New Program Offerings

Colleges and universities throughout the country have been adding nursing schools, bachelors degree programs in nursing and more as a means of addressing an anticipated nursing shortage and help working registered nurses advance their education. 812 more words

Welcome to my world

Join me on a journey and welcome to my world.  It’s going to be long, tough, painful at times.  And also a little crazy and fast and silly, because that’s who I am. 793 more words

Top 20 colleges in the us 2016

The 2016 Best Colleges ranking calculates millions of statistics and student reviews into one overall college ranking. The top ranked colleges are elite academic institutions that provide a good value, attract a diverse student body, and offer an exceptional college experience. 55 more words


Free education for all? Maybe not a pipe dream, if done right

Free education for all….

Why not?

Germany, Finland, and Sweden do it already, why don’t we? I recently saw an interview on a Fox News clip where a woman held her own under some tough questions. 1,632 more words


7 Essential Time Management Tips for Online Students

You’ve got it made. You’re still in your PJs and the commute to school only involves propping up a pillow. Want a get a sandwich? Need to yawn loudly (or perform other bodily functions)? 878 more words