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FOBISIA Online Maths Tournament

In October, I am running an online maths tournament for the Federation Of British International Schools In Asia (FOBISIA).

It will consist of an individual test, group challenge and a video investigation.   29 more words


11: Connecting makes a difference

16-year-old Mila Grozdanovska shared her e-Participation story in English. For her different ICT tools and platforms have enabled her to learn more about the topics she likes, to understand how EU functions and what current policies are, to discuss her ideas and questions with others online. 87 more words


10: Social and civic engagement through mobile apps

Apps4citizens (http://apps4citizens.org/) is an initiative designed to promote participation and civic, social and political engagement through the use of mobile applications.

Spanish citizens can find and propose apps, developers get inspired for their work, and organisations encourage social innovation. 20 more words


9: Catastrophic floods in Ljig (Serbia)

Vukosav is an ICT engineer and a web designer. He has developed an official website for the municipality of Ljig, a small town in Serbia. But he had no idea that this website will become vital in tackling a crisis situation after catastrophic floods back in 2014. 74 more words


8: Association for Urban Development in Romania

The Association for Urban Development in Romania is a very active advocate which aims to improve the lives of people living in urban areas. Their projects range from quick bus lanes, to clean streets for people, to an online space for lost and found, to name a few. 19 more words


7: Wake up! React!

Two girls – Karolina and Klaudia – are the authors of this story. Coming from a small town in Poland, girls witness a lot of intolerance and indifference in their community. 34 more words


6: Through the computer screen

‘I was born in a small town in Lithuania. During my childhood I knew that only 5 telephones existed in my town. In need to reach any neighbour it was much easier visiting than calling,’ recalls Regina Dovidaviciute.  41 more words