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The Story and Growth of Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Practice and Medicine as we commonly know it has had an interesting story so far. Today it is viewed as the standards by which patient care should be developed; however, as recently as twenty years ago it was a very controversial topic. 594 more words

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MERS: A Follow-Up

Although MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) seems to have faded to the back off international consciousness after the troubling Ebola outbreaks in Africa and Measles outbreaks in the United States it has continued to infect and kill individuals in the Middle East. 474 more words

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Neat Facts About the Human Brain

These neat facts about the human brain kept us thinking all day. Take a look:

  • Tickles. You can’t tickle yourself because your brain distinguished between unexpected external touch and your own touch.
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Tobacco use and the developing world

Over 1 billion people are expected to die of tobacco related illnesses within the 21st century. It is estimated that over 80% of tobacco related deaths will occur in low and middle income countries. 234 more words

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Social Media and Nursing – A Brave New World

It is safe to say that the growth of social media within the past decade has changed the way that the world shares and consumes information. 516 more words

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Yoga and Cancer Care

Within the past decade yoga has grown to become an international phenomenon. Celebrities, athletes and millions of other Americans have begun to regularly practice yoga. As a key component of ancient Ayurvedic medicine, the potential health benefits of yoga have also begun to receive critical investigation from clinical researchers. 279 more words

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Quality Improvement and Nursing – The Power of the Nursing Staff Resource

Although quality improvement is very much a modern buzzword, it is by no means a new phenomenon within hospitals. Within the past twenty years healthcare organizations around the world have been striving to discover ways to improve patient care and the patient care experience. 241 more words

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