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Nursing Specialties – 5 In Demand Specialties

We are all familiar with the current nursing shortage within the United States and the expectation that nursing needs will continue to grow within the United States. 332 more words

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Learning About Blue Zones

One of the most interesting occurrences in public health in recent years has been the initiatives related with the Blue Zone projects. Blue Zones are best defined as small population clusters that live longer and happier lives than the rest of the world population. 402 more words

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Looking Into Infiltration and Extravasation

Infiltration and Extravasation are two commonly overlooked IV complications that are often tough to detect and can cause serious damage. The IV Complication referred to as Extravasation is best defined as the accidental administration of a vesicant fluid or solution into the surrounding tissue area. 384 more words

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The Growing Luxury World of Vitamin IV Therapy

Within the last 4 years the growth of “party IVs”, Vitamin IVs, and other forms of alternative IV therapies has been tremendous. Across the United States, swanky luxury clinics have opened up across California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida. 392 more words

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Homeopathy in a Glance

Homeopathy is easily on of the most interesting and polarizing topics facing modern medicine today. Practitioners and supporters continually profess their belief in the efficacy of their system while detractors point towards the complete lack of scientific evidence supporting any of the popular claims. 427 more words

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Looking At Illegal Drug Use and America's Emergency Departments

Around the world, illegal drug use continues to remain a burden to health care systems. Drug abuse is associated with increases in the risks of cardiovascular disease, HIV and AIDS, and a wide range of other health related issues. 348 more words

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture

Within the past ten years there has been an increase in the amount of both new acupuncture practices and patients. The practice itself is 1,000s of years old and originates in China and ancient Chinese medicine. 232 more words

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