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Episode #66 - Worry About Missed Opportunities Instead of Failure

What motivates you? If you’re not afraid of failure, are you afraid of missed opportunities?  When you don’t start or don’t try, you miss a whole series of opportunities because you don’t put yourself in the “right place at the right time.” 300 more words


Credibility: Week 4 - Question 3

Q3) The findings of Fogg’s studies conducted in 1999 and 2002 (see page 154 of this week’s reading)  indicated that people’s perception of Web credibility has changed.  255 more words

Design Influences

Credibility: Week 4 - Question 2

Q2) In the learning portfolio, Wikipedia is not accepted as a credible resource for academic  assignments. What do you think is the reason Wikipedia is not accepted (200 – 250 words) 247 more words