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Pre Christmas “Single Shopping” by K-Ghislaine

I read a statistic the other day, that 2 weeks before Christmas is the time when most breakups occur.  This makes a whole lot of sense.  440 more words

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Top 5 Tips for Online Dating

I’ve written these tips for people who are truly interested in meeting someone to date or find a relationship with.  Keep in mind that these tips are coming from the perspective of a woman in her fifties but in my opinion they could certainly apply to anyone that is out there in the shark tank (the dating pond😉 ) looking for a good catch. 1,712 more words


A Good State of Dating Mind by K-Ghislaine

Life can suck being single, what with everyone around you asking if you are seeing anyone, which is just a tad quieter in your mind then when you ask yourself that very same question. 441 more words

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Dating by Avoiding Human Interaction: A Post by K-Ghislaine

I follow quite a few dating coaches and I find myself going through a strange cycle of love and hate.  They have a few really interesting points and concepts, and then they write something cliché that nearly loses me.  783 more words

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Online Dating: Do and Do Not Top 5 List by K-Ghislaine

Online dating has been and remains a large part of how I find new people to interact with. I have been using various sites for over 8 years, and while I have changed what I am looking for (couples only at the moment) I have created for myself a list of Do’s and Don’t s. 777 more words

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Guest Blogger: A Man's Do's and Don'ts by Patches

Anyone that references Indiana Jones in her bio on her blog page is good in my books, so I thought I would add my two cents to one of her recent posts about the wonderful world of online dating from a single males perspective. 1,076 more words

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Guest Blogger: Dating 101: Do’s and Don’ts by HarleyBangBang

In the winter of 2014, I began my foray into the online dating world. I was resistant to the idea for so long, and kept insisting to my friends that I wanted to meet someone the natural, organic way (don’t we all?). 1,826 more words

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