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8 need to know online dating safety tips!

Going on a date this Valentine day? Did you meet online? If the answer is yes then these are the 8 safety tips you need to know! 529 more words


5 Ways to Fail Epicly at Online Dating

It used to be a shameful secret, but now it’s weird to be single and not online dating. Yes, our perceptions have changed and online dating is one of the best ways to meet someone special. 1,347 more words


25 Year Marriage Guy


So, I was chatting with a guy I met online. He AGAIN seemed nice, normal, not weird.

I met him for lunch. The first half was good. 206 more words

OMG! Online Dating And Married Men

OMG…online dating sucks. I’m even thinking about deleting my account..why? Because- out of the last 3 guys I actually met ALL THREE WERE STILL MARRIED. 83 more words

10 Things NOT To Do When First Dating

Hi There.

Here’s my list of things NOT to do when you first begin dating someone…

  1. Don’t Play Hard To Get
    People say you should play hard to get- don’t text or call back right away.
  2. 507 more words

Dating Experience 2


So these are not in order but have occurred within the last few months…

You know the lead up… chatting online. Wanna meet for coffee? 483 more words

Dating Experience 1

Ok. This isn’t actually the first one on my list , but its the first I’ll write about.


I’m chatting with someone online and they ask me to coffee.. 140 more words