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4 steps to make your online dating profile epic

A strong desire to ride off into the sunset with my eternal companion, coupled with an even stronger desire to never have to date again- led me to spend a LOT of hours tinkering and toying with online dating… until I cracked it. 1,649 more words


First date, killer seagulls and lovely post

I did it. I went on my first ever first date. Tick that off the list.

The seagull dinosaur fact. Ridiculous. Possibly true.

The lovely letter from Claire. Such a cutie.

Back to Square One

So…. you haven’t heard much from me over the last few weeks.

That would be because I was sort of seeing someone.

I agreed with ‘Soon-to-be-Divorced Guy’ that we’d see each other as friends, which developed to ‘friends with benefits’, but we became more than that. 372 more words

Online Dating

16 \ Sucked Out.

January 2014
I met 16 on a blustery weekday afternoon for lunch. We met via OKCupid, and we had a good bit in common to talk about around musical tastes. 75 more words


14 \ Rain Baby.

December 2013
December was a busy month. I met 14 via OKCupid. We soon met at a bar one chilly evening. She was blonde, and attractive, kind of a rock girl. 73 more words



Looking to meet other people who also don’t believe in love anymore? Try Settle.com when you’re looking for the ‘one’,  the ‘ANYone’.

Online Dating

A hug, a spanking, and lose 30 pounds

So the new profile has generated some interesting responses. I really thought that my inner snarky bitch would have alleviated any responses. I am so fed up with online assholes that a break would be nice. 630 more words