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Stranger Danger! How to Not Talk to Men on Dating Apps

Friends, I have a few pieces of advice for all of you in how to avoid the those awkward conversations with boys where they start with a tacky pick up line like “I am not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together”, or more specific to me since all my pictures are of cats – “I can’t decide who’s cuter, you or your cat”. 716 more words

The STI guy

A number of titles would have been suitable for this blog:

Online dating – approach with caution!

He has psychosis!

Woman! Where art thou worth? 1,207 more words

Film review Friday? 🔥

Not much of a review, but I did see Us last night and it was a very thought provoking movie. Jordan Peele does a really good job at the whole ~social commentary without too much gore~ approach to horror movies. 296 more words


Why Everyone on Tinder Is an ‘Oxford Comma Enthusiast’

Excerpt from this article:

On an internet occupied by as many finger-wagging “grammar Nazis” as slovenly texters who prefer emoji to verbal displays of emotion, the Oxford comma has become a cause célèbre.

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The British Are Coming!

I never (OK, rarely) write about actual dates, but this past weekend’s lunch date was a hoot! D is British (I LOVE a man with an accent) and in my rush to secure a date I told him how much I am totally an anglophile (mostly true). 820 more words

Always Worth That  by Adam Kluger 

Unknown assailant shoots owner inside Bronx Bodega 

Girl killed by alligator in Florida 

Gaga reigns supreme on Golden Globes Red Carpet 

Man releases giant rat inside a NJ McDonald’s  1,094 more words

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Who and "What" We Are In Comparison to a Mighty Tree.

I heard a beautiful saying the other day, and it was simply this: “Fall in Love with Boredom.” It seems that there are so many of us looking for the next “quick fix,” the next “beep” of our phones, the newest Netflix show to binge – and with all of that I can’t help but wonder – what does that tree outside of your door think of that??? 542 more words