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How Much Information Should You Share On Your Online Dating Profile? Guest Post

Online dating has the potential for greatness, but only if you know how to make a killer profile. It’s how you present yourself to potential partners and how you put your best foot forward. 678 more words


Apology Tour 2017

I’ve dated quite a few of you. I use the term dated loosely; as in: you woke me up with good morning texts long enough to make me feel like there couldn’t possibly be more of us. 615 more words


No. Cut Him Off.

So you match with this guy on Tinder. His chat is pretty decent, so you meet up for a drink. Instant connection. You go home with butterflies in your stomach. 751 more words


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Every woman deserves to feel wanted. If you do not fee wanted, then you are not. If you doubt that he loves you, he probably doesn't. As the author stated so plainly "Love is not complicated." Check out more from Alice in Wonderlust on dating and relationships. 

Went on a Date and Came Back with a Best Friend!

“Why are you taking so long to write me back?”

“I’m waiting to hear back from the pundit (priest – who might as well marry us),” he replied. 1,722 more words

5 Tips for Launching a Successful Online Dating Campaign

Launch a successful online dating campaign to ensure that you and your friends never have to troll through a myriad of unsuitable partners. Learn how to start your own campaign today! 464 more words

Worst Fears & Suppositions

Can you tell I’m at my weakest mentally? I think I’ve posted more on this blog in a fortnight than I have in several years combined! 645 more words


Ok so my journey actually began about six months before the “collapse”. The cold war front at home between my husband and I meant we hadn’t had sex for months and my newly-discovered love of bikini waxing ( hehe much later I was told it was rare for over 35 year olds to wax ” down there”) was making me rather horny during the summer. 312 more words