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The Truth is, I'm Not That Tinderested.

“You have to follow the hype and get a Tinder!” my friend nudges my left shoulder as she excitedly shows me her new match. He was a hunky dude, not my type though. 698 more words


We had a date, did you forget?

Coffee date this morning… But it seems he forgot. It’s been a few hours since last night, I suppose…

He was meant to text when he knew a definite time. 78 more words


I'm getting married?

My American soldier in Syria… He snuck through the vetting process… His profile said he lived in Oz, so I replied… and quickly discovered he is in Syria… fighting ‘the Isis’… and he’s from America… 363 more words


It is in his kiss, or is it?

The doctor is history! He is still around and will call/text every now and then, but when over a month goes by and I am not asked on a date no one needs to draw me a picture – he is just not that interested. 1,121 more words

Daily Life

Mr Unusual

It all started from Tinder and has since gotten stranger. If you have been following my dating lately then you would know there is this guy I’ve had a very interesting time with. 409 more words


What if my dating profile was honest?

We all know that dating site profiles are not 100% honest. There’s some honesty there, but there’s also what the person posting likes to think of as “adding mystery”. 733 more words

And Now We Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

In remembrance on World AIDS Day. Happy Giving Tuesday. Happy Wear a Dress Day. And Happy 60th Anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her bus seat. 1,501 more words