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Rough sex, power and male entitlement

‘Single. Bit of a loner. Into my motor bikes and guitar. No kids. Was married for 8 years. Love to fuck more than anything. I like the power.’

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The Dreaded Post of Jer : Part 1

I’ve been anxious to write my next post but I haven’t had the time to write it.  Funny coincidence, I received a call from Pandora’s Box saturday night after I was stumbling home from the bar. 2,116 more words


Happy Anniversary!

Today I got a notification that it’s my one year anniversary of my blog.  Hard to imagine that it was both that long ago and yet that recent. 570 more words

Changing my roster

I really think I’m off my game lately. I’ve allowed too much bs to slide through and it’s really affected how I’m feeling.

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Staci Update: Hot and Heavy but not quite a Home Run yet

Time is quickly running out on my Summer Vacation. My son returns in just under two weeks, which is going to put a serious halt to my spontaneity, as well as my ability to see… 1,589 more words


Here's The Latest Travel App For Meet-Ups And Hook Ups


It’s no secret that many travelers have been using Tinder as a dating app on the road. Seriously, who can be a better local guide than a smokin’ hot date. 240 more words


Blocked by a POF User: Achievement Unlocked!

It’s true!  I have been blocked by a man on POF and I am very excited about it: I am officially a dangerous menace to men on dating websites. 335 more words