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Date file: The little guy

December 2018, January and March 2019

At this point I’d slept with two people: EB and Traveling Salesman. Neither lived in the area, but I was feeling randy and didn’t want to be around recently ex-husband. 1,500 more words

The elephant that came too soon

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the one who came too soon and, get down on the record once and for all, that premature ejaculation is never the woman’s fault. 1,486 more words


Date file: Traveling Salesman

December 2018

So I had my first post-divorce fuck. It was…. ok. Lackluster. Whatever, I didn’t cry and it wasn’t terrible, so I’ll put it in the win column. 771 more words

Death lol

Before I get into today’s weird message some back story: Whenever I speak to anyone regarding my search for a spouse, they always say, “have you tried online dating?” I reply, “yeah, it sucks.” They don’t believe me for one of two reasons: a) they met their spouse online within like 30 seconds of registering or b) they have been a married forever and have seen the beautiful commercials on tv about online dating sites and think they are… 1,594 more words

Single Life

First Round

You look so good
You sound good.

You come across so well, so intelligent.
A geek.

I like you.

You’re the type of woman that a REAL man would want to make his wife… 705 more words


Is the person you’re dating worth the time and effort?

Great question. I have two answers:

  1. Don’t put in very much time and effort.

  2. Watch their actions and your feelings.

It’s like being a car salesperson and believing every person who test-drives a car is going to buy one.

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Dating Stories

Thoughts on (online) Dating

Dating in this day and age has become something of a mystery to me. The finer details and nuances have become lost on me. As a budding self-proclaimed thinker, I find the thought of online dating both confusing and annoying. 1,353 more words

Life Lesson