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Help With My College Homework

The education system has been convalescent over a period of time. The Teachers wish the students to be well equipped with the latest technologies and aswell accept abundant ability about the alfresco world; appropriately they are asked to do their homework on a regular basis. 48 more words

Online Education

World War 1 and Caribbean

To mark 11th November, I blogged about the connections between French Caribbean author Joseph Zobel, from the island of Martinique, and WW1.

Today, I’ve updated my WW1 page ( 146 more words

Translating Cultures

Don’t Memorise goes Interstellar!

Ever since the sound barrier was broken, scientists have become obsessed with how they can break the light speed barrier! Science fiction writers have given us many images of interstellar travel, but traveling at the speed of light is simply imaginary at present. 109 more words


The Last Mile: Wilmington Internet To Impact N.C. Success


By Shaun Olsen, CEO of CloudWyze

We’ve been exploring North Carolina lately, learning about other communities and their needs. The word we keep hearing is they want to be like Wilmington, which is funny because in Wilmington we keep hearing from folks who say, “We want to be like Raleigh.” 571 more words

Pink Hill

What are the secret weapons of the introvert Entrepreneurial leader?

Source : http://bit.ly/1Id8N5A

The entrepreneurial leader may be an extrovert or an introvert and a shy person. The introvert entrepreneurs can use their inherent trait of shyness to climb the ladder of success. 391 more words


What does it mean for a trustee to be of unsound mind?

By Carryn Melissa Durham

I was inspired to write this blog article after reading a recent post on the Paddocks Facebook page.

What does the legislation say in this regard? 364 more words



Skillcrush is a bootcamp like website. Initially you sign up for what they call a “Blueprint” at a cost of $399 at once or $149 a month for 3 months.   323 more words

Online Education