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How to Teach in an Age of Distraction

If you are in higher education, Sherry Turkle’s piece in the CHE is one that you should stop and read right now.

There are a lot of good thoughts in Turkle’s critique of the inattentive age, but two things stood out to me. 160 more words


Online Learning Tools + Learning Plans

          Online universities are cool, and I love that you can live where I live (Victoria, or better yet South of Melbourne) and I can do a course (essentially) at Griffiths University in Queensland (close to Brisbane). 598 more words


Learning Websites (part 2)

          Hello, everyone. It’s been some time, just you know going about life, doing assignments… avoiding assignments, playing video games. I got back into writing again, I’m going to try and do the National Novel Writing Month next month so hopefully I can get everything out of the way and do that, and hopefully this year I can do this and not flip out and all. 673 more words


Credits from online courses to be made mandatory for B.Tech engineering courses : AICTE chairman

The Hindu | MANGALURU, October 4, 2015 |  Raghava M |

MANGALURU: Securing marks through online courses in a semester in the undergraduate engineering course will be made mandatory once enough online courses are available, said Anil D. 221 more words


FTP and servers and file structure - oh my!! #yesican @articluate #onlineed #FileZilla #commodore64

Something I’ve picked up from my mom is the mantra “If other people can figure out how to do this, so can I”.  From the outside, we may seem different.  572 more words

Online Education

Technology and its advantages

Nowadays, gadgets and gizmos surround us; they are ubiquitous in communication, transportation, occupations, personal interactions, and collaboration. Technology has been a hot topic for the last decade, popping up in almost all my conversations. 579 more words


Grammar: When It Just Does Not Sound Correct

My job has taught me that a lot of people struggle with grammar and spelling. My first sentence brought to mind one of the most common spelling errors. 424 more words

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