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Readings 2: Networks and New Media

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

This article very interesting in the fact that the author believes that a source of information is making the human brain not able to perform as well. 1,079 more words


Nothing In Particular - Just a Lil' Hello

How are you loves? Been so busy with stuff, that’s why I didn’t have the chance to create an entry.

To the people who sent an email to me regarding the latest post, I have read your emails and I will get back to you as soon as I finish what I’m currently doing. 17 more words


Stop Kissing Their Asses

As you all know Bitzio already sent the payment yesterday and they are requesting for the post to be removed, immediately. But I’m surprised that some of you are also requesting for the same thing. 184 more words

Online Jobs

Beware of these Online Employers

I just want to share these employers who seeks for VA or online freelancers but once they employ you they will give you all sorts of reason why your salary has not been paid. 88 more words

Hoax Employers Online

Jobs that you can do from home

Because of all the “work at home stuffing envelopes” type scams, there is a misconception still about what type of work you can actually do from home. 296 more words

Work From Home