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Separating fact from fiction on the Hamza Tzortzis and Ashley Madison fiasco

Crosspost: Dilly Hussain

Determined to get to the bottom of the recent controversy surrounding Hamza Tzortzis and the Ashley Madison data leak, Dilly Hussain says it’s imperative to distinguish fact from fiction. 2,851 more words

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Social media presents inevitable risks – how safe are you?

Our business and social lives have become closely intertwined. With new platforms, applications and technologies being discovered almost on a daily basis, social networks are being embraced rapidly by individuals and corporations. 502 more words


Buying a car online? Dont be scammed!!!!!!!

I know this has been posted before but so many people are being scammed its worth another post.

There are lots of people out there who are only too willing to part you from your well earned cash in the guise of a multitude of scams ,some of which are very authentic. 805 more words

There is Nothing Friendly about “Friendly Fraud”

In 2012, e-Commerce merchants lost more than $11 billion worldwide through debit and credit card fraud. Think about that for a moment… $11+ billion! That’s a lot of money. 858 more words

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Great Employee Qualities

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

Great employee qualities disappearing in the workforce? If so, then you should quickly see if you can adopt some of these traits and make yourself competitive… 530 more words

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How to spot and avoid scams.

Scammers continue to find more creative ways to get your cash. This guide can never be completely comprehensive but we aim to help you to learn what to look out for. 279 more words

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