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Security at the expense of privacy?

Why not both?

Steve Cook, the CEO of Apple, mentioned in an interview that Americans should have both privacy and security. The statement, which raised a few eyebrows, was in response to US’s government desire to access data that is protected by encryption. 439 more words


Product Focus - Card Defender

Contactless cards are fast becoming the norm in Britain, with over 81 million debit and credit cards in circulation now carrying the functionality. In fact, it has been predicted that… 312 more words

Product Focus

Contactless Card Crime - What you need to know.

The past couple of years have seen a huge spike in the usage of contactless cards, with an estimated 81 million debit and credit cards across the UK alone now carrying the functionality. 503 more words

Personal Security

Online fraud is rising, thanks to those fancy chip cards

The shift to chip cards has been something of an ordeal for US consumers. They’re slower than magnetic stripe cards when checking out at the register, and generally cumbersome to use. 284 more words

Businesses should do more to prevent online fraud, says consumer group

Consumer group Which? has called for businesses to take more responsibility in protecting customers against online fraud and scams.

In a survey of 2,066 UK adults, Which? 227 more words

Digital Identities & Digital Security

The topic in week 2 of ‘Digital Identities and Digital Security’, was definitely an eye opener. Although I am studying a degree in Information Technology, particularly in IT Security, it was interesting to view this topic from an educational point of view, rather from the technical aspect. 337 more words

Digital Technologies

A Finance Fraud Robs You in Disguise

There are different types of online frauds available today. You never know the fraud as they are expert to remain in disguised state. The internet has given many advantages, but the fraudsters misuse them to rob you forever. 336 more words