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Underneath it All

You cannot choose the people you inspire, or that will like you and most crucially of all, however hard you try, some people will never be your friends. 454 more words

Life Of Grumpy

Group Chats & Internet Friends: How Social Media Impacts Music

By Kariann Tan

It’s no secret that music has been one of the largest driving forces behind social media and pop culture today. In fact, it is largely due to this social media culture that underground indie bands can achieve such status and popularity – through the word of mouth phenomenon. 567 more words


A Past That We Once Had

I was once talking to a close friend of mine over on Discord and during one of our sessions, he talked about the past we once had and how much he wants to get away from it/let it go. 383 more words


10 Bookstagrammers you (really) NEED to follow

Hey guys! So I thought about the bookstagram community and how I’ve made so many wonderful friends and how so many of them are QUEENS/KINGS of photography (If superpowers are real it’s their photography skills) and just there are SO many talented people in this community. 2,098 more words


The Consequences of Online Friends

(This was written in 2016)

Note: The purpose of me writing this is to vent out all my feelings about the situation that’s going on. No names will be mentioned and my sources will remain anonymous. 3,249 more words


My Online Life vs Reality (Based on a True Story… my story)

(This was written in 2016…)

Trigger Warning: Depression, Suicidal themes



​“Friend — a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter” (Dictionary.com…

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