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Day #13 - Online Friends!

Dear Readers,

Today’s topic for my 30 day challenge is, What I think about making friends online.

For me, personally, I think making friends online is great, because you meet so many interesting people, you’d probably never have the chance to if you only made friends with the people you meet. 278 more words

Online Friends I've Never Met in Real Life, But Hope to Soon

Making friends online is something I really love. It makes me happy that when I log in, there’s someone that I particularly know even if I haven’t met him/her before. 719 more words

I, Don’t have many friends?

Friendship is an odd thing for me. I am a naturally introvert person. I have trusting issues caused be something in my childhood that I will never bring up here. 1,457 more words


When Blogland Meets Real Life

I love days like today! I received a beautiful card from my friend Mary who lives on the other side of the world to me in New York. 199 more words


Are Online Friendships True Friendships?

A few weeks ago, an offline friend expressed reservations about making friends online because she thought we don’t really get to know people online. An online friend also wondered about the trueness of online friendships, though she admitted she considered me a friend. 528 more words


Taking A Break

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I searched the internet for blog posts, forums, tweets etc. from other women who had been diagnosed as I desperately needed something or someone to relate to. 1,115 more words