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I'm back

I used to blog. A LOT.

Back in Sixth Form, rather than actually use my free periods to study, I would sit in the quiet study area, furiously typing away on Live Journal (LJ, for fellow emo bloggers) pouring my heart, soul, and current favourite song lyrics onto my online “journal” with excessive punctuation, and an overuse of italics and bold fonts that would make any hipster coffee shop jealous. 109 more words

Why Online Friendships Are Just As Important As IRL

I’ve always been a ‘face-to-face’ kind of person. The sort of girl who enjoys catching up with a friend over coffee and being able to watch their reaction as I tell them some juicy gossip or be able to comfort them when they’re going through a difficult time. 725 more words

Diary of a Shy Girl: Entry #9 - The Internet

Being shy affects me not only in my real life but online as well. Most people find communicating over the internet a lot easier, but not me. 292 more words

Diary Of A Shy Girl

Male vanity

touch gently your little tummy for me
big man afar your hand for my hand
and know I’m happy you have a soft
tummy to share with me and do not… 29 more words


Emptying The Cup, Just a Little

I have come to an important realization this week. With my focus on JOY and getting more of it into my life, I’ve noticed that the times I am the happiest are when I am in connection with other people. 464 more words

A Year Of Joyfulness

Dear winter, please fuck off

This isn’t going to get published until tomorrow. It’s freezing cold outside and I don’t feel like running across the parking lot again. Besides, only 2 of my online friends messaged me; t the only 2 online friends I talk to on a regular basis. 429 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

How an online friendship became a real one

I basically grew up with the internet around me since I was a teenager. And like most young kids we would spend some of our time playing online video games. 244 more words