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Internet Friends

Internet Friends. A topic a lot of people have different opinions on. Is it really as dangerous as some people think? And why do people think it is dangerous?  461 more words


Who even has girl friends anyway?

The past couple months have been hard for me. My anxiety skyrocketed and I had to go on medication to keep it from taking over my life. 605 more words


There Goes the Fear

The first thing I did this morning (ignoring the 20 minutes it took me to get my underwear on) was find out how much information Google has stored on me. 146 more words

Life Of Grumpy

Online friend part II

I think I know why I feel the way I do about it. On text I can’t see if they seen my messages. On Facebook I knew when they saw it and I didn’t want to message anything back because maybe it was a quick look and couldn’t write back. 57 more words

5 reasons why Internet friends are just as important as offline friends

When you’re a kid, your parents are always warning you about stranger danger, and people on the internet. But then when I was a teenager, I threw all caution overboard and made some online friends. 626 more words

Don't trust the people on the internet

So, how many times have we heard this in our life? If you’re a 90’s kid, like me, you have probably heard this a million times over. 1,959 more words


We Used to be Friends

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. You and I need to have a conversation about what it means to be friends. 1,195 more words

Life Of Grumpy