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Are You My Friend?

I was in the shower this morning, where most of my deep thinking is done, and pondered a response I receieved to a facebook post. Sometimes it’s tough to know what what someone means in a typed message, whether they are sarcastic, annoyed, or just providing a simple response, point-of-fact. 326 more words


For David, my Friend

A writing Exercise:  use the phrase “I don’t Know”

I don’t know how a single picture, a face, a man’ face, can hold so much power.  543 more words

Mom Would NEVER Have Told Me This!

34 Things Teenagers Wish You Knew About Them

It’s safe to say that my 15 year old daughter (Kayla) has a stronger social media presence than I do. I have about 170 Facebook friends. 1,698 more words

Mental Health

Online Friend Became My Best Friend

After Sam and I agreed to meet up, I was laying in bed when my mind began to wonder. My parents had always lectured me about talking to strangers online because I don’t know if they are who they said they were… Plus, I had watched that one episode of Degrassi when Emma was supposed to meet her online friend and it turned out to be some older man. 213 more words

More Compuserve friends

The Women’s Forum wasn’t the only CompuServe forum I joined. I also signed on to the California Forum and from there, due to friends I made, the Travel Forum. 688 more words

The World And My Place In It


If you have friends who have always loved you and you, no matter how weird you are, how lame you dress, how much money you have…KEEP THEM. 234 more words


Too Much.... Too Much going on... ALL AT ONCE ************

Why is it I wonder why everything always seems to happen at once ? Or at least it definitely always seem to happen one thing after another, non-stop ! 1,230 more words