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How To Deal With Stress 101

Seeing as this is my first post on my new blog, Let me start by saying THANK YOU for coming by and reading it, I’ll probably babble on about stuff that nobody really cares about, or wants to care about for that matter. 790 more words

My Life

Do you know who you're talking to?

Growing up our parents warned us of the internet and what we could and could not do. I was always told not to talk to strangers, ‘stranger danger’ my mum would always remind me. 554 more words


#SoCS - Jagged

It’s strange, the edge upon which we exist here on earth. Half-way between life and death, birth and life. Full of ups and downs, we tip this way and that. 165 more words


We've lost Paul Curran, our master guest columnist and prolific comment-leaver

Those of us who’ve grown to love the lively words that bounced from the head and fingers of Paul Curran will never be the same. 631 more words


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Well, I've spent the majority of my time online today looking for confirmation, but I've come up with nothing either way. Why have I gone to such lengths? Because I don't want to believe it. I'm happy to have had the chance to shake Paul's hand. A more warm and welcoming man I have never met. Rest in peace, my friend. It was good to know you.

Roots & Connections & Stuff

It occurred to me the other day that I think I’m starting to grow roots.

Not literally, I’m not becoming an Ent, but figuratively. For the first time in my adult life, I actually know some of my neighbours. 732 more words

Random Life Stuff

Friends support each other

Once upon at time, Sabrina Pandora allowed her original character, Veronica Kane, to appear on Lisa Burton Radio. Veronica is also known as Giant Girl, from the comic Giant Girl Adventures. 334 more words


Friends across the world, traveling

I personally have plenty of “online” friends, and that isn’t even a bad thing. I can even say that I have more of closer friends all over the world than in the real life near me. 685 more words