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How an online friendship became a real one

I basically grew up with the internet around me since I was a teenager. And like most young kids we would spend some of our time playing online video games. 244 more words


Apropos IMDb

Here’s a video someone made just after LOST ended


If I had submitted my picture to the family album (which I’d planned to do, but got self conscious) I woulda been in this video… 13 more words

Online Friendship

Ok I'm seriously depressed about

IMDb. I have other things going on. An old friend may kill themselves soon, has a gun and is homeless and has been terrorizing me with suicide threats and a suicide letter for weeks now. 756 more words


A Gen J New Years! 

We interrupt our usual book-themed post for something even more exciting…yes, more exciting than books! My Gen J friends came for New Years!

After years of spending New Years on a chat room together, we finally got to bring in the new year together, in real life. 15 more words


❤the end is beautiful❤

And I never felt peace like that.

It was safety as I’d never known.

Oh, I knew nothing. I was sick.

And I don’t blame a thing that you did. 1,068 more words


Really enjoyed skyping with friends!

So another good thing that happened today was that we had a skype call with friends from a support group I run through e-mail. We had these a lot when it first started but it dropped off for awhile. 82 more words


What Christmas Means to Me

As much as I love Christmas–and believe me, I really do–this year again, I find myself feeling a little cut off. I have my mom, my sister, my pets and my sister’s cat. 1,099 more words