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Contact me

This daydream is about a guy I met on an app once. I talked about him in one of my diary entries.

This daydream is about him contacting again with me and us making amends and starting over as friends. 45 more words


Connections made over the years, over the miles

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about seeing a couple of women, close to my age, enjoying a conversation over a cup of coffee at Barnes & Noble.  263 more words

The World And My Place In It


I met Gela way back into my One Piece phase. She was a graphic maker and so was I so we got along real quick right off the bat. 121 more words

Online Friends

Indi Ra

My super kawaii sister.

I can’t exactly pinpoint when I met Indy but we met through One Piece, when I was only starting my tumblr blog at that point. 83 more words

Online Friends


Obvious disclaimer: that isn’t really what she looks like, but that is her art!

I actually met Luby quite recently! We were both into Osomatsu-san and we also both have the same favorites in the show so we got along really quickly. 92 more words

Online Friends

Is Tinder lighting you up?

Before writing this post, I was searching for the meaning of “Tinder”. Interestingly, it corresponds to a sentence from Urban Dictionary—Tinder is the McDonald’s for sex… 325 more words


Monday Musings - Putting Things in Perspective 

So as I mentioned in my August plans post this morning, I had to have a chest scan done today to check whether I had a blood clot on my lung after experiencing breathlessness since last week. 513 more words