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I made it out alive!

So I met the yank Beth from ‘I didn’t have my glasses on’ and I know you are all waiting with bated breath to see how it went? 440 more words


Do as I say, not as I do.

Do you have children? Do you often find yourself telling them one thing while doing another? (If not don’t read on because I don’t think you and I will get on). 448 more words


Goodbye Stranger

This summer so far has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. You know, the good thing about all this social networking and globalisation and connecting with people all over the world is, well, you get to connect with people all over the world. 269 more words


Not-so-social media

A lot of people seem to have a lot of negative opinions on social media- it encourages anti-social behaviour, it is influencing generations of entitled narcissists, it’s quickly unravelling the very fabric of society… Plenty of negatives. 776 more words


Is it Live? Or is it Internet?

Do you remember the old Memorex commercial? No? If you’re wondering why I’m asking, see the title of this post. Okay, on with my point. … 271 more words


Should we define friends based on the source?

What’s the difference between real friends and online friends?

Even two objects are similar in some perspectives, they are different. Just like real friends and those met online–they are similar as friends but met from different channels.

469 more words

Being brave. Not their "brave".

Time. Space. I needed them both.

Breaks from social media – warranted to save myself. Otherwise, I would have indulged in an uninhibited mind frantically continuing to rationalize to try and soften my own blow to myself. 831 more words