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Simulated Human Rights

Part of my studies with the Open University is the study of international relations. Recently we did this quiz, which is about intervention in the face of humanitarian abuse. 49 more words

Specialist Generalism

Why online learning is BIG now!

Online is the current way to communicate, share, interact and now learning too!  Most institutions have online options to air or present the lessons they educate through to their learners.  595 more words

Careeer Coaching

Module-making: finishing touches to going worldwide.

Over the past couple weeks I have been plugging away at my course prototype slowly, but surely. And I’ve been through quite the series of emotions associated with this. 553 more words


Sustainable Design Masterclass

I just took another great webinar with the guys at Sustainable Design Masterclass. About once a week they offer a free class with an innovator in the field of permaculture, and then rebroadcast the video for a small fee. 36 more words


4 Reasons Why a Fake Diploma is a Total Waste

It is the era of the internet. You can get almost everything done online. One of the things that are being accomplished through the internet is the dealership of fake transcripts that diploma mills provide. 646 more words


One person's history of social media use

Drew Whitworth

I have been a fairly active user of social media for some time now: up to 20 years, depending on your definition. I want in this blog post to briefly recount my personal relationship with these different spaces, because I think it will put this week’s teaching into context, as well as providing some useful historical background. 2,488 more words

What is eLearning?

Why am I talking about it?

A secondary purpose for this blog is to share reflections and insights about my professional world. As a young woman focusing on my career I think it is important to share my experiences, my challenges and my wins in hopes of inspiring others to live confidently. 271 more words