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The Class I Love: Moral Philosophy/Ethical Issues Course

One of my distance learning program classes I love involves studying and analyzing different moral and ethical theories.  Some may think that what is morally right and wrong are not that hard to differentiate from, but there are many aspects and perspectives that correlate with this topic. 105 more words

What can happen online in 60 seconds?

I left the #ModelSchools conference with a new awareness towards embedding technology in education.  I believe it is a common practice, in the education field, to use technology to replicate worksheets or provide a different means of “training” for students. 309 more words


Free Sustainability Online Course

There is a fantastic Massive Open Online Course running for free on Coursera at the moment, well worth anyone’s time, not only fantastic course content, but very effective use of the 10,000+ attendees on the course, if ever there was an issue worth exploring through a huge global community, it’s sustainability!!! 26 more words

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Pre-algebra is officially completed

BigGuy set a goal and met it.  He wanted to finish Pre-algebra before July because it was the only way he could start Algebra I in the fall… and he did it.   336 more words

We cannot rely on the internet to teach our children

Online learning is having a substantial impact on classrooms across the country and around the world. The recent announcement of the College Board’s partnership with Khan Academy to make online SAT test preparation available for free is a good example. 855 more words

Journey for Masters of Educational Technology

Online technology can be harnessed to create powerful learning platforms.  The platforms can be used to deliver educational content to students.  I seek to use one such platform to deliver the very best in educational content to every student on earth. 68 more words

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