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Anna Kamienska

I don’t believe in the next world. The world is one. One reality. Death isn’t a gateway to the next world, maybe just the opening of blind eyes. 12 more words


Robert W. King

Today the sky is blue dust
and the mountains blue shadows
against the dust so only
the snow line across the peaks
actually exists, a scribbled… 37 more words


Tarfia Faizullah

Dusk again—sun and horizon yoked
    to one another. All day I have looked
        for you in the likeliest places: pages

of photo albums frozen with disuse, 17 more words


How Online Magazines Can Make A World of Different to Your Business?

Today, online advertising has become a crucial part of ad campaign strategies. It’s not only one of the most effective ways for businesses/brands to increase their popularity, but also the most popular advertising media among business persons today. 463 more words

Health Magazines In India

Ditta Baron Hoeber

I miss you. sometimes.
or. sometimes I notice that I miss you. b. I think that I miss you. always.

       it, a wishing word. always. no one. 68 more words


Alexis Pope

through me like you mean it, that’s what
this is about. Eat this cake like you’re
starving, that’s what I want. Wash over me… 20 more words


Linda Pastan

We are made of water anyway,
I can feel it in the yielding
of your flesh, though sometimes
I think that you are sand,
moving slowly, slowly… 9 more words