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Sayonara sucker.

Bill O’Reilly is OUT after two decades at the top of FOX News.

It’s about time some evil stopped triumphing around here for God’s sake. This won’t stop him from running his mouth elsewhere, but at least his most lucrative platform has been whisked away from him. 35 more words

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Sneak peak into a Soul

For a good, while I have been inspired I have been drawn to people’s eyes, tight head shot/portraits and things that go through their heads at the time of taking a picture. 124 more words

Deadpool Vs Wolverine: 5 Deadliest Fights That Ever Happened

Deadpool and wolverine may not be fighting each other anytime soon in films, but the duo has duked it out several times in the comics. Here are the five deadliest fights that ever happened: 405 more words

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7 Insane Superpowers That Made THOR An Indestructible GOD

The hammer-wielding, The God Of Thunder and one of the most powerful God-level superheroes, Thor is a man with enormous strength, invulnerability, super stamina, super speed, longevity and is highly potential to survive celestial blasts. 442 more words

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Who Was First Offered The Role To Play Dom Toretto? It’s Not VIN DIESEL

There have been many actors who have made bad career decisions, as a result, their lives went for a toss. But Timothy Olyphant’s case particularly stands out as he turned down one of the most coveted roles of today – Dom Toretto (played by Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious franchise). 274 more words

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Louise Glück

all she wanted
was the smell of the sea, of disappearance.

— Louise Glück, from “March,” The New Yorker: Poems March 31, 2008 Issue.



Hello, everyone. We hope all of you are fine and are having a great time. This will be a really short post.

We just want to wish everyone a happy easter. 32 more words