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Salon.com: Past, Present, and Future

Salon.com is owned and operated by Salon Media Group, Inc., which was created as its own independent company in 1995. Salon was one of the first online-only magazines when it was launched, making it one of the trailblazers and a leader of its category.  135 more words

A Lonny Community

Lonny has a wonderful sense of community. It does a great job of making the viewer feel like they have a personal connection to the website, along with a community of people that are interested in the same things. 201 more words



The audience for Lonny Magazine tends to be geared toward women in their late 20’s all the way to mid 50’s. The online magazine covers such a broad age range because of it’s diverse content. 210 more words


ISIS targets U.S. professors Yasir Qadhi and Hamza Yusuf after condemnation of Charlie Hebdo terror attacks

Campus Reform: Two American academics are the targets of ISIS terrorists as their pictures have appeared in a recruitment magazine calling for those who condemned the Charlie Hebdo attacks to be killed. 116 more words


Salon's Logistics

Salon believes in building and maintaining a strong sense of community for its audience. At the end of each article, there is a comments section where the readers can post thoughts and additional information about the article. 302 more words


"Farewells" by Swati Moitra

Farewells make me nostalgic. They’re supposed to. It’s a fare well, a goodbye and a we’ll possibly never see each other again, and maybe, if you’re lucky, au revoir, till we meet again. 188 more words

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