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Meet the London Mother

Meet Mads Panchoo, founder and editor of The London Mother (a lifestyle and parenting magazine for Londoners).

Mads started The London Mother (formerly The London Mummy Blog) back in 2014 and its continued popularity amongst parents led to a rebrand last year. 551 more words

Flexible Working

Unearthed Fiction - The Australia Times

I am excited to announce my involvement with The Australia Times online magazine. Tower of Fog has been included in the February 2017 edition of… 32 more words

Dunya Mikhail

How thrilling to appear in his eyes.
She can’t understand what he’s saying:
she’s too busy chewing his voice.
She looks at the mouth she’ll never kiss, 40 more words


Color smash.

We have logos! Logos have been sighted! Logo-age, if you will! (Lorelai Gilmore ;-) )

You’ll notice the colorful burst up top and the awesome jagged “S” icon to your right (or if you’re reading this on your phone, way, way at the bottom). 9 more words


Mahmoud Darwish

The road is long like an ancient poet’s night:
plains and hills, rivers and valleys.
Walk according to your dream’s measure: either a lily
follows you or the gallows. 12 more words


Lloyd Schwartz

You’ll be driving along depressed when suddenly
a cloud will move and the sun will muscle through
and ignite the hills. It may not last. Probably… 124 more words


Carlos V. Reye

In the beginning was the fragment, and the fragment cast a shadow, and the shadow became the word. — Carlos V. Reye, from “Histories,” in “Fragments on Fragments 1,” FragLit (no. 1, Fall 2007)