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Social Issues are often getting lost

In the present day there is  anoverload of news and information from all fronts. We are bombarded with all kinds of news. Soo much so that at times we are unable to differentiate what is really important. 413 more words


Gardening A Stress Buster

I am a thorough city bred, born and brought up in a city of 17 million where real estate price has shot up over the last decade and a half is beyond imagination. 417 more words


Invest and Indulge in Luxury Magazines

Luxury magazines are mainly for the elite and wealthy people. These magazines generally help themin deciding their expenditures or more plainly said, what all are the best luxury items that they should spend their money on. 569 more words

Fashion Magazines

Igbo of Nigeria

In an online magazine about travel tips I learned about Igbo tribe that stays in Nigeria and is one of the largest ethnic tribes in this area. 416 more words


Bindweed Magazine seeking short story submissions

What a month it has been! Since I launched my online magazine on 3 April, I’ve been inundated with poetry submissions – you can read all of the great verse so far on the  121 more words


Music the unifier

I feel that culture’s interpretation of a song is important and can have an effect on the song.Songs ina foreign language when translated lose their meaning or have a totally different meaning. 403 more words


Scuba Diving a wondrous experience

The  feeling of breathing underwater is a spectacular feeling really unexplainable. Seeing life  underwater and being able to touch and swim through them. The atmosphere of being surrounded by total silence  and communicating through hand signals and motions while floating through the sea is wonderful in itself. 388 more words