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The Best Croatian Commercial - Ever

By D. Mladenović
Zagreb, Croatia

Did you ever hear of Bill Belichick or Pete Carroll? Yeap, that is what I thought. Now, a million dollar question: What these two NFL coaches have to do with Croatia and their commercials at all? 372 more words

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business model for software products which are offered to be used for free

In this era of social networking websites, software vendors invest money to develop these websites and offer their users to use their software product (in form of these websites) for free. 346 more words

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5 acronyms every franchise owner must know

Let’s be honest – Deciphering acronyms can sometimes feel like decoding ancient text. You’re left scrambling to understand what colleagues are referencing in meetings or where you need to send a specific request. 315 more words

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One of the first things I did when I joined MAPs was to get the MAP Success Book and learn all the basics, then apply them to my own advantage and I must admit, I would not have progressed this fast without it. 676 more words


Empowering franchisees in the digital era

Inspect a few franchise locations and you’re likely to find a great deal of consistency in branding, messaging, pricing, uniform, and even whether the bathrooms uses hand-towels or driers.  766 more words

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