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Press Gazette: Google and Facebook destroying journalism

By Dominic Ponsford    | Press Gazette Imagine if two news publishers dominated digital media in the way that Facebook and Google do.

The Government would not allow such a duopoly to stand. 222 more words


Types of Websites

A website refers to a location connected to the internet, capable of supporting one or several pages on the World Wide Web. Put differently, a website is a location made up of many Web Pages , which can only be accessed through a… 483 more words


Print vs. Screen: Which tells the best story?

If there is one thing I have learned from my experience with internships or through my education as a Communication and Media major, it is that content must adapt to the platform which it appears on. 1,017 more words


Online News is Overtaking Print Newspaper in the Recent Times

The consumption of digital news content in India has grown enormously in recent years. With more and more news websites coming up and readers using smartphone, there is a push in readership in a staggering number. 331 more words

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This study determined how newspaper are being read on the Internet using students of Osun state polytechnic, Iree as a case study. The research was carried out to ascertain the fact that the advent of online journalism has been affecting the development of newspaper, mass communication readership, issues of gratification. 208 more words

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It’s time to celebrate Youth Day!

It is said that flowing water will always be fresh but stagnant water will have nothing new to offer. Today’s generation is like fresh flowing water. 506 more words

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Don’t pay heed to these health rumors!

A lot of information about health is floating on internet but not all information is right. There are a few instances when we are told to not pluck a gray hair because plucking one will give rise to two gray hair, chewing gum takes 7 years to clear from digestive system, don’t be too long outside or you would get cold. 313 more words

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