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Generation Worst Part I: The War on Used Games

This multi-part series will break down each of several factors that combined to make the seventh generation of video game consoles my least favorite, and why it chased me away from the next generation. 1,052 more words

War On Used Games

Ubisoft Announces No More Uplay Passports

Ubisoft has announced that effective immediately, it will no longer have its online pass system. After people who bought Black Flag sent major complaints over having to have a Uplay Passport in order to access the single-player “Edwards Fleet” idea, Ubisoft has now lifted the use of its Uplay Passport for Black Flag AND ALL FUTURE UBISOFT GAMES! 207 more words


Online Pass Cancellation By Ubisoft Is Good Sign For The Industry

After the internet picked up their metaphorical (at least I hope they were metaphorical) pitchforks and torches following the revelation that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag would lock gameplay choices behind an online pass, Gary Steinman of the Ubi Blog… 204 more words

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Ubisoft Finally Ditches 'Online Pass' System

With the exception of day-one updates and on-disk DLC, online passes were probably one of the worst things to come out of this past generation. Only allowing players access to online content if they bought their games new was a real annoyance and, yes, to a certain degree I understood their reasoning, but ultimately it was a practice which didn’t really take off. 121 more words


PS4's First Party Games Will Not Require An Online Pass; Other Parties "Unlikely"

Sony’s new Q&A answers the question of Online Passes. I’m sure we’ve all been asked to purchase one before or required to (EA, looking at you, although you thankfully got rid of the online passes) access online content. 110 more words


PSA: 'ACIV' Online Pass Required For Some Solo Content, Sony-Exclusives Will Remain So "Indefinitely"

This may come as a disappointment to some, as it looks like the only way to guarantee the full Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is to purchase a new copy for the PS3/PS4. 233 more words