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Benefits of an Online Platform in Finding Sincere Muslim Partners

Muslims4Marriage is a dating site tailored to a worldwide community of singles who share core Muslim values. Complementing traditional pathways toward marriage, such as introductions made by friends and family, Muslims4Marriage offers the convenience and accessibility of online dating and brings focus to a pursuit that can seem daunting for those of faith. 112 more words


3 Innovative initiatives that tackle waste management challenges in the grassroots communities

By Li Bolun*

When I was doing my social innovation interviews with local organizations in Myanmar and China these past months, waste management challenges in the grassroots communities have always been raised as among the top problems that need innovative solutions. 678 more words


My work @ Patty Morgan

I finally extended my online existence to the platform of Patty Morgan.

At this moment I have one fucking follower, #itssomething. Anyway, if you’re on Patty Morgan, feel free to follow me! 30 more words

The Netherlands

Social Media- Return on Investment

Mount & Martinez (2014) identify that companies have paid little attention to the potential that social media has to help them become more innovative. Social media can be used to directly communicate, interact and collaborate with consumers, with numbers radically increasing over the previous few years (Mount & Martinez, 2014). 510 more words

GoBear, your Financial Comparison Online Platform is now in the Philippines!

Unbiased financial comparison now made easy as GoBear hits Philippine shores

YES, You read it right! GoBear is now in the Philippines.  That’s official :).  With GoBear, … 530 more words


LIVELY STONES - Content Contributor


You’re looking (or reading!) at the newest addition to the Lively Stones content team!!

For those of you that do not know what Lively Stones is, allow me to explain. 113 more words


Maximise your online donations, minimise fees

Every year non-profits spend $500 million processing online donations.


Yes, that is the same as the entire fund Bill Gates has dedicated towards tackling the burden of infectious diseases in developing countries, and the same as what Mark Zuckerberg has donated towards education in Silicon Valley! 413 more words

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