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Netiquette (Cont'd)

Rule 2: Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life

In real life, most people are fairly law-abiding, either by disposition or because we’re afraid of getting caught. 280 more words


Brave New Writing World

So, I’m new to this blogging thing. As a writer of fantasy and paranormal fiction, I keep hearing from various sources that if you want to write, then write. 302 more words

Speak up; your powerful political opinion can simply turn things upside down!

If you don’t understand the politics of your own country, then it would be very difficult to even form your opinions regarding it. Everybody should have a thorough knowledge of what is happening in the political structure of the country. 124 more words

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Become the harbinger of new change with Posticker opinion app!

Digitization of technology and opinion apps has taken us to an entirely new world, where everybody is free to express their hearts out! No power today can bind or restrict you from raising your voice against something wrong happening with some body, or going against the rigid and orthodox system that our society has set. 106 more words

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Let your views prevail; let them come out with Posticker!

The youth of a country has got immense powers to change its entire future at once! If it has the burning desire and has decided to bring about a certain change in the society, then no authority can suppress or control it. 124 more words

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Do not wait; make your own chance of getting heard with Posticker!

Opinions hold a lot of importance in an individual’s life! They set the beliefs of a person and give him the direction to make his way through everything in life. 127 more words

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Your Opinion Counts! Be the Impact of Any Change with Posticker

Expressing opinion is everyone’s fundamental rights. In order to make your opinion count, it is essential that you choose the right platform to express yourself. 212 more words

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