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Hate Speech vs. Free Speech on Social Media

In the entire European Union, the Czech Republic is one of the most anti-refugee nations, and Czechs are not afraid to make that known. When walking the streets of Prague, it is clear that the city is very homogenous, and anyone who differs in skin color, or even hair color, is stared at. 556 more words


Does the internet make people racist?

Check email inbox. Scroll through Facebook newsfeed. Scan the headlines on 3 different news apps. Watch a Vivo music video on Youtube. Write a blog on xenophobia. 1,217 more words

Racism in South Africa -- A series of racist comments posted online could be a tipping point

A series of racist comments posted online have angered South Africans and led to calls for legal action. The controversy sparked the viral hashtag, #RacismMustFall. 844 more words

Trolling Repurposed: Hate Free Culture

The Czech Republic, rather a homogenous country, has been known to be rather harsh towards marginalized cultures and identities. In fact, during orientation week, it was one of the first cultural differences we were warned about, and it was a shock. 774 more words

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