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Milo invades Ubers, College Campuses and National Events

Eventually, conversations with uber drivers turn into that book of entertaining stories you take as go-to icebreakers. So, let me share mine and we can go grab a couple of drinks afterward because you’re going to need one. 494 more words

Is Facebook Dividing Us Apart?

We all tend to think of social media networks as a means of communicating and connecting with others but is this always done in a positive manner?   463 more words

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Being Black on Tinder in Central/Eastern Europe

I have used tinder for approximately 3 years now. It is one of my most used apps on my cell phone. Why? Because it is my favorite platform for meeting new people while I’m traveling. 504 more words

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Real Fake News

Terror struck the United States in the form of bullets at a country musical festival the night of October 1st, yet, nonetheless, the tragedy did not end when the shooter was neutralized—it was transferred to the online world. 586 more words

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Lidl leads with half a million Facebook fans

       Ah, Lidl. Known for its controversial leaflets, sporadic inventory, and best of all cheap prices, I was introduced to this grocery store in my first week in Prague. 574 more words

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Member Confronts Racism in Online Media


Veteran news reporter Anita M. Samuels’ new book, “Rants & Retorts,” examines often anonymous— and always vitriolic— racist online comments posted on internet news stories. 474 more words


Czech Republic and the Fake News Problem

“Fake news” has recently become a center of heated debate all around the Internet, thanks (but no thanks) especially to our new President 45 and his “alternative facts.” With the exponential development of digital journalism and a radical change in the transmission and reception of news and journalism over the past years, the professional sphere of journalism has become less defined and prone to contribution by those with questionable credibility. 630 more words