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Okay, so I’ve recently been expanding my musical horizons. Not in terms of what I listen to, but in terms of how I listen to it. 189 more words

Your Last Chance: Guns N Roses Reunion

For loyal fans of Axl Rose and Slash, the road to paradise city isn’t all that far away. For some, the last performance of Guns N Roses will come and go all too quickly. 274 more words

The Battle between Internet Radio and Podcasts

Gone are the days when you had to tune up your radio to your favourite station, but also, gone are the days when you had to wait for a specific time to listen to your favourite radio show. 393 more words

The Wonderwall That is Oasis

October 2, 1995 was undoubtedly a historic day for British pop music as a whole. It’s not surprising that among thousands of indie bands strumming away at their guitars, Oasis and their second full length album came to super stardom in what seemed like an overnight spiral. 300 more words