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7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important

Digital Marketing has also been called Online Marketing or Internet Marketing, but those names don’t encompass every aspect of digital marketing, such as graphic design. Digital Marketing is any marketing service that is performed through a digital channel. 550 more words

Online Reputation Management

Why Your Digital Marketing Should be Integrated and Holistic

The competition in the business world is tough. To stand out from the crowd, attract loyal clients, and ensure that your business will grow constantly, you need a strong digital marketing strategy that can stand against time and against all odds. 949 more words



We’re big fans of landing pages. We often write and talk about the right way to design one or even the best practices of landing pages. 960 more words


Why Is Mobile Marketing Getting The Edge?

For anyone who is serious about growing the online side of their business, it’s imperative that they consider Mobile Marketing. Over the past few years the growth in mobile smart phone usage has been nothing less than astronomical. 674 more words

Some Digital Marketing Strategy Tips For Your Business

1. Set your objectives. A successful strategy is much more likely if you’re very clear about what you want to achieve. Define your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) clearly, and set specific targets for these that can be measured by a tool such as Google Analytics. 333 more words

Online Reputation Management

Five Steps To Evolve Your Approach To Digital Marketing

If your digital marketing efforts are successful today, don’t assume your success will continue without a hiccup if you rely on the same set of messaging and tactics. 628 more words


Social Media 102: Building Your Brand Using Social Networks

What is the number one goal you have for your business in 2016? Is it to get more visibility, generate more leads or improve your image? 596 more words

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