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The Power of Online Patient Reviews

Earlier this week I presented to a large gathering of physicians about the role social media and digital communication tools can play in helping to promote their practices. 247 more words


[Infographic] Don't Just Manage Your ONLINE REPUTATION - Improve It

Whether people think you’re doing a stellar job or a stinky one, there’s no way to hide from your reputation anymore. Prospective buyers can now see the collective history of a business’s ability to keep its customers happy 24 hours a day via… 11 more words

Online Reputation Management

Your site can get penalized via your SEO Tactics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged as a major business as companies are hastening to get their sites advanced and enhance their query item rankings. In any case, in spite of the fact that there are a large number of helpful strategies you can use to make your site effectively comprehensible via search engine spiders, there are some ways that can really hurt your ranking and may even get penalized or even banned. 316 more words

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Need For Hiring An Online Reputation Management Company

The internet is an extremely powerful tool. If you are able to build a good and positive image for yourself and your company on the internet, it will go a long way in helping promote your business, however, if your reputation on the internet gets spoiled for some reason, then you would find very hard to convince the customers about the integrity and good quality products and services you have to offer, and end up losing out major business opportunities. 262 more words

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Online reputation management

Online reputation management – Keeping your brand’s reputation intact online is essential in finding and having success. If customers see a negative result on search, they will think twice before purchasing your products or services.

The Number One Currency that Dictates Your Marketing Success

In marketing, money isn’t the only currency that makes the world go round. You have user engagement, clicks, backlinks and a variety of other highly important tools and metrics that help your brand. 650 more words

Online Reputation Management