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The role of content strategy in digital marketing

If you are in digital marketing field you must have heard the phrase ‘Content is king’. I bet that it is completely true. One of the best SEOs of the world like Brain Dean consider content strategy on of the most important section to get first rank on Google search results. 252 more words

Online Reputation Management

The Role of Online Reputation management in placing your business on Google search listings

In the modern world where everyone is using internet for a good number of hours in the whole day, a lot depends actually on the footprints they leave behind in the process. 486 more words

Online Reputation Management

Why Is Reputation Management Key To Digital Marketing?

If you have an online presence and want to have a positive image among the end users you should opt for online reputation management (ORM). 408 more words

Online Reputation Management

SEM, SEO and Online Reputation Management

Once you have created a website you might want to search up the name of it to find what the results are in case of any mishaps or even bad reviews or it having a bad search due to other markets, this includes advertising, commentary, and even those that are common on looking up your own name on google… You must know what I’m talking about… However, you mustn’t do this alone since it is a tedious job, the good news is you don’t need to since there are SEMS, SEOs, and ORMs that do it in a snap of a finger. 429 more words

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Why Online Reputation Management is Important for Branding

Online reputation management (ORM) is tied in with enhancing or reestablishing your name or your brand’s great standing. This is by countering, debilitating or eliminating out the negative material found over the Internet – overcoming it with more positive material to enhancing your believability and clients’ trust in you. 292 more words

Online Reputation Management

Why Reputation Management is Mandatory for a Brand?

On the planet that is dominated by the internet and web based business, reputation management is mandatory for a brand. It is an interesting technique that will help the entrepreneur in boosting the position of the organization website on the search engine, promoting the brand and last however not the minimum, to draw in the consideration of the customers. 300 more words

How AI Effects Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is fifth generation computer technology which is in its developmental stage, the aim of the technology is to provide people with such technologies that can mimic the human intelligence and do most of the tasks with the efficiency of human being. 387 more words

Online Reputation Management