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To NaNo or Not to NaNo: My Issues with National Novel Writing Month

November. A month that (for normal people) signals deep fall, early winter. A month of gratitude in preparation for Thanksgiving feast. A month to snuggle into the home, ignoring the early darkness in favor of early hibernation. 1,011 more words


2015 AASL Best Apps and Best Websites

Kellie and I are always on the hunt to discover new technology resources for teachers, and we found some great ones at the American Association of School Libraries (AASL) national conference this past week. 200 more words


Reading the daily Mass readings during breakfast

At our house, breakfast is one of those events that happens every day with no fail, right after the kids wake up and stagger downstairs. Still clad in their pajamas, bed head and all, the kids mostly fend for themselves, rummaging through the kitchen for their usual. 410 more words


The case for and against RP

“Since being in hospital, the only people I have heard speaking in the UK prestige model of “received pronunciation” are some of the consultants and surgeons.   1,344 more words

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Free Online Bible Study Resources

A few years back, if I wanted to study the Bible in-depth, I had to either buy or borrow books.  But if I didn’t have access to money, people or places it was not easy.   168 more words


No Weekend Plans? Try EventsHigh

This site has now moved to www.dolphindives.in Please join us there!

Our hectic work and social calendars need so much managing these days. And while we keep up with multiple commitments, many weekends I find that a really good event has been completely missed. 429 more words


MOOC Point - Learning for Free

This site has now moved to www.dolphindives.in Please join us there!

Learning online and learning for free is the mantra these days. Work will come and go, jobs will come and go but where does one go to learn something new. 467 more words

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