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How to: search the library catalogue & manage your account online

Some of our most frequently asked questions are ‘how do I check if you have this book?’ and ‘can I renew my books online?’. We have briefly touched on this in… 231 more words

Get Pro-Tips from ProQuest Research Companion

We’ve mentioned before that, as a student, you’re like an explorer on a quest – a quest for knowledge. Without a map or some other form of guidance, you’ll be lost. 777 more words


Civics360: A New Resource for Civic Education

Good morning, friends in Civics. Over the past few years, teachers here in Florida and elsewhere in the United States have made heavy use of the… 410 more words

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Resources for English Students: Reading, Writing, and Speaking Skills

In the comments of a local online newspaper, it’s common to find some out-of-touch fellow lamenting that “people don’t communicate anymore,” or “people don’t sit down and read like they used to.” 1,804 more words


The Florida Joint Center for Citizenship: Who are we?

With apologies to Lewis Carroll, the time has come, I think, to talk of many things. These many things will be mostly just what the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship is and what we do, as well as projects we have on the drawing board that can help civics educators in Florida and the nation. 1,171 more words

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New tool can help identify gaps in your pest management program

The CFIA has recently released the Floriculture Sector Biosecurity Guide.  Despite it’s imposing name, this is an excellent “road map” to help protect your facility from unwanted pests.   392 more words

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Free online resources for the self-taught artist

I have come to conclusion to share my research with all of you. As a person who wants to learn how to draw and do all sorts of artsy stuff, starting can be rather difficult whether it’s motivation or looking for resources. 842 more words