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By Tim Tickell ACU University

In recent times, the online and digital worlds have facilitated for an endless bevy of different progressive tools for advancement and change. 298 more words

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Lib Dems propose new laws to protect online rights

The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to implement new laws to protect people’s online rights.

The proposed move strengthens data protection laws, and includes the threat of prison sentences for companies which illegally sell customer data. 257 more words


Book mark: Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex and Other Legal Advice for the Age of Social Media by by Emma Sadleir and Tamsyn de Beer

For many of us the internet is an integral part of our everyday reality. Accessible and highly entertaining, Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex is a must-read in the digital age, especially if you have children or are planning to marry Kate Winslet. 125 more words

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Know your social media rights

(PIX11) — A Virginia mother learned the hard way that anyone with cruel intentions can steal a photo and make it their own.

Now, the spotlight has turned to protecting privacy, especially that of young children, online. 18 more words


National Post editorial board: A Supreme Court ruling that is good for Canadians, but may prove problematic for the Harper government

In a unanimous decision released Friday, the Supreme Court upheld the sensible notion that if police want to know who’s using a certain Internet protocol (IP) address to conduct nefarious activities, then police should get a warrant. 663 more words

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Dear Google,

Dear Google,

I’ve felt angry at you for quite a while now.

See, I used to love you. We were best friends, shared everything.

But you’ve changed a lot in the years since then. 207 more words

The RightsCon Big Picture: Has the Battle for Privacy Rights Online Already Been Lost?

San Francisco, CA—At the risk of committing a thoughtcrime, it’s hard to walk away from RightsCon day two without thinking that the battle for our privacy rights online has already been lost. 781 more words