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How to avoid fake-tographers (unless you don't want to)

“There’s a relationship here: one where a guy is taking your picture free of charge because you’re standing there in a fun fur bikini and nipple pasties. 1,904 more words

The Internet: Rapists' New Stomping Ground

Before there was the internet, rapists used to stalk their victims hours, and sometimes weeks, before they attacked. Choosing a target is a complicated affair that’s as much a part of the crime as the rape itself. 464 more words


Why You Should Never Use Public WiFi's & My Tiny Hardware Firewall Review

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I’m writing a very long article on Firewalls because we just replaced our home Firewall and I was researching my options before selecting one. 3,336 more words


Online Safety: How parents can help

Today our children inhabit an online world. It seems large and complicated and hidden. Trying to monitor this world sometimes seems overwhelming.  We can feel ill-equipped, outnumbered and alone in the quest to ensure our kids are safe in cyber land. 481 more words


We Still Don't Protect Ourselves - Some Password Statistics

It’s absolutely everywhere.  Every account we have, every time we sign up for something online; “Choose a strong password”.  The vast majority of us know that strong passwords are one of the most important aspects to keeping our lives in cyberspace secure, and yet, it seems we’re hell bent on continuing to do the virtual equivalent of… 551 more words


Teacher Homework Assignment 3

As the dust is settling from PARCC Season, I’m excited to jump back into my work with the Teacher Homework Project (explained here).  My third assignment was to download and play the online game, Roblox.   553 more words