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Parenting sharenting: Love, hate and social media

Funny things happen when you write parenting columns and blogs, especially when you manage to wing them for five years and counting. In these years, I have put a lot of my life and Re’s out there; I have been at the receiving end of a lot of love, warmth, affection, cheer and many meaningful friendships. 810 more words



     This week my lectures centered around the idea of ethics and security in new media. It made me think about my own usage of new media. 765 more words

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Facebook quizes

We probably all do them, the Facebook quizzes that pop up in your timeline when a friend shares it.   Looks like fun to see “what city you should live in”, “guess your age”, “which Star Trek character are you”, “Which Star Wars character are you”, “What kind of dog would you be”, “Which Disney princess are you”, “Do You Know Your British Slang”, “Are you a Redneck”and on and on and on – quizzes only limited by someone’s imagination and the time it takes to put it together.   562 more words

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#Digital: Why more #data and more #pixels

A few years back most people would go on a “pay as you go” mobile phone deals. Contracts where too expensive and the talk time and texts where rather limited. 560 more words


What is too much for online sharing

The New Republic has an article about “Undersharing on Facebook Has Become a Bigger Crime Than Oversharing.”  I am confounded how an argument can be made that by not sharing one’s thoughts, it is causing more problems.   1,030 more words

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The "Sharing too much Culture"?

Can you remember the days you’d go out for a meal, and when it arrived just eat it? Me neither. The days when creating a collage of cute photos and uploading them with a ‘happy birthday to __’ caption were unheard of? 616 more words