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Why Stock Video Improves Your Online Ad Campaign

The use of stock footage is normally branded as amateur and unprofessional, but these assumptions are misleading. Stock videos are advantageous for a number of reasons: they’re cost effective, efficient, and high quality. 308 more words

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Creating a Video for Your Website

Whether it’s a company overview or a short 15 second product ad, having video content on your website should be a priority. Here’s some top tips for the different types of video you can use to improve your site. 515 more words


4 Ways to Customize Your Video Ad

Creating a video ad online is easy – but how can you make your commercial really come to life and stand out from the crowd? Check out four of our top tips below to see the ways you can customize your video and make an impact. 469 more words


Vimeo VS YouTube

Very often we’re asked what the best place is to host a video ad – Vimeo or YouTube? Which one is better for marketing? Which is more professional? 363 more words

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Your Facebook Advertising Guide

Earlier this year, Facebook released a new advanced video content measurement dashboard as well as a new campaign structure. With both of these additions, it’s never been easier to run and measure Facebook advertising. 436 more words

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Google's Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing: The fine art of positioning your brand in front of a potential lead after the have already interacted with it. We have all experienced remarketing whether we’ve noticed it or not. 530 more words

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2 Things to Remember While Using Videos in Online Advertising

Online Advertising, through videos, has gained immense popularity in recent times. Videos are more user-friendly and can be followed easily. They also have a higher level of interaction with the user. 260 more words