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Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 10

That makingmoney story is sooo fake, but more interesting is why Dark Cloud Aurora decided to place it there, considering all factors, from her emotions in that timeline (if its even real, at this point not much is certain), to her status in the future when she is telling the story. 96 more words


Aurora 01 ~Beautiful Mother~ ch 10

Bu bu bu bu, whos gonna take pity of Little Aurora who is suffering so much? we need a new character quickly:

“Once upon a time, Little Aurora threw a box of cheesepasta to the magical lake by the forest, then the Lake Fairy appeared in front of her and asked what did she throw, the cheesepasta box or a chocolate bar, she answered that the chocolate and the Fairy drowned her to the bottom of the lake where she died in a painful and horrible way. 721 more words


Air pollution threatens the livelihood of the Smokies

Gatlinburg, Tenn.— The National Park Conservation Association (NPCA) is fighting for increased federal funding after the Great Smoky Mountain National Park was ranked seventh on the list of most endangered parks in the United States. 227 more words

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Western Kentucky University president is continuing to lead a transformation despite budget challenges

Bowling Green, Ky.—Western Kentucky University President Gary Ransdell is continuing to transform the university despite his eminent retirement.

Although Ransdell went public with his retirement plan earlier this month, he has made it clear that he still has work to do during his term as president. 429 more words

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-Ravishing beauty dancing alone

Ravishing beauty dancing alone. A Poem by Coyote Poetry Hard to brake down walls of regret and disappointment. Need time and distance to forget. Ravishing beauty dancing alone We will masquerade as many people. 27 more words


An update...finally

I sent know about anyone else, I don’t know if people are still with me, still reading but I’m sick and tired of this non writing malarky. 87 more words


How long has it been?

Hey there! It has been a while since I’ve last open the journal. There many things that happened and hell a lot I can’t say it all in one sitting. 114 more words