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FICTION: The Arrow of Cupid (Goes Twang) by Mike Scott Thomson

PC Jeremy Doyle’s first day alone on the beat was not supposed to be like this. He’d hoped to be eased in gently: a quiet amble around the centre of town, pointing tourists in the way of the abbey, providing the time if asked. 2,931 more words


The "Javender Effect"

Some of the best finds are purely by accident.  “Hubby” and I often have those days where sleep doesn’t come easy.  Aromatherapy works wonders, especially Lavender.  122 more words


Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 10

Right!… yey… left!… got it… uh, uhhhh, very strong combo… hehehe… you beat that thing up too much… cause I hated it so much, stupid monster, I never liked those haircuts, Im gonna do whatever I want to my hair and dont feel bad about it… you have since a long while ago… but I always cared obsessively of what others thought of me, just like that idiot woman, and all those years when she kept doing her pathetic side hairstyle on me, and the hair gel, I was the laughing stock at school, everything to shape me in her lame ways and the one of her dead pitiful son, I hated it all, to rage, to burst, to… enough, its obvious that youre wrong cause you mentioned about school, control yourself, I dont want to beat you up into sense again… sorry, Im just… I dont care, if you cant deal with your emotions it means youre useless to me… Ive been getting very strong, I bet I could kill them all now, for real… this is real, and you dont have permission for that, I dont know what you are looking for… what if I do it on my own? 938 more words


Benefits of freelance essay writing

Freelance work has now become very popular not just in few countries but in almost all the developed countries of the world. People are now doing freelance part time jobs in order to earn money and to get some experience. 476 more words

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What it actually takes to write a book

I know this has been done to death, and there are several books on Amazon that claim they are able to help writers become best-sellers, but just recently there has been an influx of “it must be nice to not have a real job” and “oh I would love to have the time to write a book”. 1,231 more words

FICTION: A Time for Every Purpose by William Cass


It was a hot summer, humid. Flowers wilted soon after they bloomed, and your underwear stuck to you by mid-morning.

Steve was thirty-five. He began that summer in the air conditioned cool of a hospital room.

3,068 more words

Happiness of Marionette 02 ~Path of Dolls~ ch 09

You should break up from them, those two are no good… but theyre supposed to be my friends, I feel bad about it… why did you say supposed?… because, you know, its not like we have that much in common, especially now… did you have before?… we went to highschool together, I could talk to them when there was no one else, weve been seeing each other for some years, its been kind of nice, well, good times and bad, mostly very meh if I put myself to remember… those are circumstantial, not common things in personality, youre not truly friends with them, nor them with you, now its the time to end it… I was thinking about that… cut your relation with them, its an order… ok, if its an order… hehehe… hehehe. 633 more words