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FICTION: Fear by Debasree Banerjee

“Tony Carvalho, that’s it!” the young man dressed in khaki uniform occasionally peered into one of the hovels on either side of the filthy, wet and slippery alleyway up which he walked towards the ‘90 Feet Road’. 4,827 more words


Glad to be Resuming My WordPress Site

I began posting here some months ago but afterward stopped and moved to other projects for a while. It is now December 2016 and I feel I have now determined the most suitable purpose for this website. 239 more words

Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 17

There was a huge commotion in Leos neighbourhood after a couple of girls were kidnapped and they never saw them again, the first one was from his own block across the street, after the parents started to frenetically ask the neighbours if they had seen her or something, most of them remained outside forming small groups, talking about what could have happened and praying for the girl to be safe. 745 more words


FICTION: The Digger by Matt Gore

Pop was always in his cave. That was what Nana called it, his cave. It wasn’t really a cave though, because caves are dark and scary places, full of spiders and hand-sized wetas. 3,817 more words


Why - Carrot Ranch -12/1/16

“Mommy why is there a line through me?” little Sammy asked. He was only three years old and did not recognize every sign at the new preschool. 75 more words

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FICTION: Laughter by James Kester

He’s in the newsagents leafing through censored rows of top-shelf magazines when the faint sound of laughter fills his ears. He turns, but his audience comprises only a shopkeeper and an old lady. 996 more words