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Aurora 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ ch 06

Every little wolf has its day, even if its odd, confusing, complicated and retarded. Cute and pretty Aurora was walking on the sidewalk of a dusty park, some kids were playing with a crushed soda can that arrived at her feet, they asked her to kick it back, she did and found it fun, so she decided to join them. 1,103 more words


Aurora 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ ch 05

If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is listening, does it make any sound? if Aurora was sleeping in a closet but nobody came near, if she stole food but nobody saw her, if she took a bath but nobody found her, did she make any sound? 877 more words


Aurora 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ ch 04

Since everybody was busy killing each other, nobody was working and the town began to crumble. Aurora noticed when stealing from peoples houses that the food was scarce, so she decided to take a look at the forbidden one and only store, the doors were close, the windows too, there were wooden planks and other materials covering them, the place seemed abandoned. 790 more words



I’ve missed posting crazy news stories, so Really?! will become the new feature for the stories that are just to ridiculous to be made up. . 13 more words



I’m not happy. Is there a reason why? Yes, me

My own actions have led me, or should I say, have kept me in this same spot for the past 3 years. 418 more words


Aurora 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ ch 03

Aurora was very powerful and her movements were accurate and fast, but it didnt come from nowhere, in order for her movements to be like that, she needed total concentration, a very strict discipline, a lot of practice and dedication, it was painful and cruel because of the nature of what she was doing, until she began mastering it. 611 more words