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Magic Photo by greyghostalters

Happy #foilfriday everybody. Just got these in from #pucatrade . They are on my paint desk for some very sweet alters that I’m super excited to do. 12 more words

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Magic Photo by theheether

This mornings PucaTrade was a good one #mtg #magicthegathering #jacevrynsprodigy #pucatrade #jace #chandra #garruk #gideon #liliana

(PucaTrade is a new way to trade MtG cards online).

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Magic Photo by blogboy92

While I haven’t gotten anything amazing or high end in the mail since my Instagram hiatus. PucaTrade did help a little on some of my decks. 70 more words

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Magic Photo by rubeng.7

Kiora (Battle for Zendikar) y Ajani (Magic 2014) Foil portugués.

Empiezan a llegar cosas muy chulas vía #pucatrade. Me ha costado pero poco a poco voy consiguiendo caminantes en otros idiomas diferentes del inglés en esta plataforma. 55 more words

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Dangers of online shopping to an impulsive buyer

When one does not have complete control over their spending habits, they tend to go overboard and buy anything the deem cheap or if the item happens to be available for a limited time. 719 more words

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