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Reading material: The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin


In full.

From Part 1, Chapter 7;


… Geographical distribution is often brought into play unconsciously and sometimes consciously; so that forms living in two widely separated areas, in which most of the other inhabitants are specifically distinct, are themselves usually looked at as distinct; but in truth this affords no aid in distinguishing geographical races from so-called good or true species….

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Magic Photo by greven_ilvec

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Magic The Gathering

4C Analysis?

For all you diamond lovers out there, I have some interesting information. Try out the Gemological Institute of America’s app to find all you want to know about a woman’s best friend! 501 more words

Travel Agents, a thing of the past thanks to digital marketing?

When it comes to booking our holidays, it has become normal to just whip out a laptop or tablet and do it ourselves in just a few clicks. 546 more words


The Definition of "Friend"

Prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: acquaint and/or friend.

What does it really mean to be a friend? As short as twenty years ago, it wasn’t a hard word to define. 375 more words


Online residents group is a big hit m

By Rachel Leach for The Kent Collective

A Canterbury resident’s Facebook group has proved to be a big hit. 236 more words