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In My Dreams

I was going to title this post “When I Grow Up”, but considering that I am already a grown assed woman, I think the chances of me turning into Jane Fonda are but a distant memory. 65 more words

A Tuesday Afternoon Nap

July 1, 2014

My eyes are full of sand from too little sleep, but Orchid’s here now; she’s finally back. The visit isn’t about us, but I can’t get fantasies of her to stop scrolling through my mind. 393 more words


April 29, 2014

Having an open door policy in our home allows our friends to walk in anytime, unannounced. So, it was an even greater pleasure when the man I’d never met in person (but fantasized about for years), walked into our home. 1,216 more words

I'll Have Both, Please


April 27, 2014

 I’ve known Greg some where around six years now. I’ve been obsessed with him from the beginning, and we’ve never even met in person as we’re in different countries. 301 more words

An Old Spring Letter


March 11, 2002

A friend writes:

I’m sitting in a room full of candles thinking of you…of laying down with you in front of a fire place..slowly pulling all your clothes off and then slipping my hand up your soft thigh and over your wet lips..running my tongue around your nipples loving the taste of your skin..I move down to your belly, softly kissing and licking..rubbing my fingers around your clit and then sliding them in and out of your soft wet pussy..Your sounds are driving me insane with ecstasy..I’m squeezing your nipples and running my tongue all over your inner thighs and slowly into your pussy..you place your hands on my head..moving me the way you want me to move..and thrusting yourself to meet my tongue..I lick one of my fingers and slide it into your ass…you moan and lift yourself against my touch making me crazy..I cant get enough of you. 125 more words