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Best. Job. Ever.

It dawns on me as I sit in a plane on the way to Houston, TX…I have the BEST JOB EVER. On my off-days from Disney this week, I am flying to Houston, TX to jump on jumping stilts, walk in a “hamster ball” on top of a crowd, and shoot paint at thousands of people, all while listening to famous DJ’s spinning ear pounding music. 418 more words

In My Dreams

I was going to title this post “When I Grow Up”, but considering that I am already a grown assed woman, I think the chances of me turning into Jane Fonda are but a distant memory. 65 more words

A Tuesday Afternoon Nap

July 1, 2014

My eyes are full of sand from too little sleep, but Orchid’s here now; she’s finally back. The visit isn’t about us, but I can’t get fantasies of her to stop scrolling through my mind. 393 more words


April 29, 2014

Having an open door policy in our home allows our friends to walk in anytime, unannounced. So, it was an even greater pleasure when the man I’d never met in person (but fantasized about for years), walked into our home. 1,216 more words