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Super Jeepney - Only in the Philippines!

Jeepneys have ruled the streets of Manila as far as I can remember. I grew up riding in them, mostly commuting between school and home. Back in the day, though, there were only enough seats for 10 passengers – 4 in each rear row, and 2 in front. 76 more words

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Philippine Travels Intermission- The Filipino Way

​We interrupt your daily dose of travel with us to the Philippines series with an all too important update of … “The Filipino Way”.

Why the interruption you may ask? 254 more words


How To Embrace Being a Filipino?

It’s lovely when a Filipino got to hear a fellow Filipino say, “I Am Filipino. I love being a Filipino” or “Pinoy ako.” If Jose P. 299 more words


The Spider games | Nostalgia

I was going in our garden shed to get some tools then I noticed something in the bush beside it. For a moment I thought it was just a ball of cobweb but looking closely enough I noticed something. 691 more words


I invoke my right to freedom of expression

There was a time in our history when speaking against the government can get you killed. These days, it is not the government that’s censoring us. 514 more words


51 Things That Would've Been Different if Harry Potter Were Set in the Philippines

(via BuzzFeed)

  • The Hogwarts Express wouldn’t come on time and when it does, it would be so full of passengers the trolley won’t be able to roam around.
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10 Types of Co-Passengers You'll meet on Public Transport:

(Only in the Philippines)


Ito yung pasaherong nakataas ang kamay para ipag-mayabang ang bago niyang Iphone. Ito din yung pasahero na namaos ka na sa kakasigaw ng“Paabot ng Bayad!!!” eh, hindi ka pa din lilingunin dahil rich daw siya at bawal siya utusan. 348 more words