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So And So

I smell the scent of rain.

The sun shone for a while but it is getting dark again. A low pressure area is forming in the north that might bring  more rain to Metro Manila.  365 more words


Super Jeepney - Only in the Philippines!

Jeepneys have ruled the streets of Manila as far as I can remember. I grew up riding in them, mostly commuting between school and home. Back in the day, though, there were only enough seats for 10 passengers – 4 in each rear row, and 2 in front. 76 more words

I Love Life

Philippine Travels Intermission- The Filipino Way

​We interrupt your daily dose of travel with us to the Philippines series with an all too important update of … “The Filipino Way”.

Why the interruption you may ask? 254 more words

New Experience.

How To Embrace Being a Filipino?

It’s lovely when a Filipino got to hear a fellow Filipino say, “I Am Filipino. I love being a Filipino” or “Pinoy ako.” If Jose P. 299 more words


The Spider games | Nostalgia

I was going in our garden shed to get some tools then I noticed something in the bush beside it. For a moment I thought it was just a ball of cobweb but looking closely enough I noticed something. 691 more words


I invoke my right to freedom of expression

There was a time in our history when speaking against the government can get you killed. These days, it is not the government that’s censoring us. 514 more words