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Only JESUS...

I don’t know who you depend on….

Everyone around us is as frail as we are. They all hurt, get sick and eventually leave the planet, never to return. 168 more words

Only JESUS...

Gnats, Camels, and Baby Chickens

Based on headlines which have been flooding the news for quite some time, it is no secret that some evil forces are rising up and “taking over the world” in a pretty real sense – for we know that the world is under the temporary rule of Satan (2 Cor 4:4, Eph 2:2, Eph 6:12). 1,055 more words

Only Jesus

Only Jesus Did It

The Lord nudged me around 4:30 am to do this and I spent the next 30 minutes giving him all the reasons I couldn’t. That never works…not sure why I still try it. 136 more words


23 Cents

In the last 24 hours I broke my children’s hearts by ripping them away from visiting friends and family. My husband was so sick, I had to race home (a mere 12 hour drive away) to take him to the doctor and then the hospital. 303 more words

What Drives You?

Day 3 is as simple as knowing the reason behind your urge to succeed.

What motivates us to be successful? Could be in the studies, career, business and relationships? 837 more words

To Gaze on the Beauty of the Lord

Jesus said only one thing was needed. He said this when Martha was freaking out about many small things. Mary was “lazy” in her sister’s eyes, not helping in the kitchen but just sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening and learning from him. 385 more words

Only Jesus

Eighty-Four Levels in Hell

My friend and I had a “tea party” at a bakery and talked about many things but especially about religion. This was after a few hours at a restaurant for lunch where we talked about many things, but mostly about religion. 442 more words

Only Jesus