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Goodbye, Isao Takahata

Goodbye, Isao Takahata.

You were every bit the dreamer Hayao Miyazaki is, every bit the master. You won’t be memorialized here in the west as you should, but those who know your brilliance, who were deeply affected by your work, will remember. 253 more words


Animation Legend, Isao Takahata, Dies at 82!

Animation legend, Isao Takahata, most famous for his work at Studio Ghibli (which he co-founded) has passed away at the age of 82! He shall be missed! 13 more words


Moment After Moment

“The most important choices we make in life are not the dramatic turning points such as a change of career, the person we marry, the country we emigrate to. 33 more words

Only Yesterday

(If you missed it, check out my previous essay on Grave of the Fireflies too)

Only Yesterday is Isao Takahata’s eight film and second official Ghibli release. 1,051 more words


Ranking Studio Ghibli Pt 4: From Yesterday and to Howl's Castle

In the 32 years since Studio Ghibli was formed, the output has been nothing short of exemplary. When ranking the Japanese canon, the point that flips from “recommendation” to “bad film” is very low indeed. 1,682 more words

Film Lists

Film diary: Only Yesterday (1991)

Few film experiences are as rewarding as discovering a Ghibli film for the first time. Isao Takahata’s Only Yesterday was released the same year that I was born. 627 more words

Celebrate Studio Ghibli: Second Thoughts

Coming out of the 2nd week of the Celebrate Studio Ghibli the rankings now include My Neighbour Totoro and Only Yesterday.

Alas this will probably be it for me as I’ve gotten sick and don’t want to spend more time than I have to away from central heating and copious quantities of tea. 561 more words