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cat and mouse

So, let me tell you about the girl I met last night.  In a nutshell, I think I built her up in my mind too much.   623 more words


messing with my head!

Micah and I. A whole new story.
I am actually VERY keen on him. Like ridiculously keen. I like his intelligence, his humour and just the way he talks texts. 602 more words


TUC study finds significant wage gap between working fathers and childless men

A new report by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has found that fathers working full-time get paid a fifth more than childless men with similar jobs. 403 more words

day two- trilemma

so today.  big day.  I woke up with a very nice thank you for last night from A…a

i won’t bore you with the details of my professional reasons I’m here, except to say I was to go to a place I hadn’t been, and I was wandering the floors of this old pre-soviet building, when a man appeared. 969 more words


Scotland Look to Finland to Reduce Infant Inequality and Cot Death

Finland has been leading the way for 80 years, yet the rest of the world has been oblivious to a remarkable idea. Cot death or Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), is a diagnoses where a seemingly healthy baby dies without any warning, and no clear reason as to why. 631 more words

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[Picture][OnS] Asuramaru

This is a fanart I had drawn even before I created InS.

Asuramaru fascinated me because of her… ahem, his strange personality. Befriended Yuuichirou, helped him defeat the vampires and warned him about the dark side of angels… I think this was true friendship, except for the time he sucked Yuu’s blood and made him become a Seraph. 78 more words

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UK tabloids and the EU referendum: giving us the facts?

The way that the tabloid press is framing the choice is preventing an informed debate on EU migration

By Andrew Anzur Clement, doctoral researcher, University of Warwick and l’Université libre… 881 more words