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Sickness absence rates don't tell the whole story

The number of sick days taken per person has fallen to its lowest levels ever recorded, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS… 674 more words


The Embarrassing Bedroom Story

I once had a very unfortunate incident during a night out, of which I have turned into a rhyme. Please sing the following out loud in a high key. 1,063 more words


Soy milk, gin, and puzzles for adults are hot in the UK right now, statistically speaking

All over the UK Brits seem to be de-stressing with gin and jigsaw puzzles en masse. Who can blame them? After all, these are trying times… 408 more words

Government rebuked again for misusing statisics - this time on homelessness

Liberal Democrat peer, Baroness Rosalind Grender, has submitted a formal complaint to the UK Statistics Authority about the government’s misuse of homelessness statistics in press notices and parliamentary debates. 519 more words

Political Ideology

NO, Theresa, The Tories Are The Ones Bankrupting The Country! Not Corbyn!

Yesterday (22nd February 2017) at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly grilled Theresa May about the on-going funding crisis in the NHS — May’s response was typical of what we have to expect at this point: deny there’s a problem, and claim that Labour want to “bankrupt the economy” and ‘spend money on everything”. 1,337 more words

UK inflation rises to highest since June 2014 driven by surge in fuel costs and post-Brexit vote pound weakness

British consumer prices rose last month at the fastest pace since June 2014

By Tara Cunningham, Business Reporter
The Telegraph

14 FEBRUARY 2017 • 10:37AM … 4,588 more words