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Unusual Monday Night

London is amazingly strange yet lovely city. Last night I impulsively went clubbing with my friend. She texted me that she felt sad and needed something to distract her mind. 926 more words


Interactive ONS Data

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has released a set of interactive charts so you can examine the concentration of industry in different areas and cities around the UK. 26 more words


Ons Island - Galicia - Spain

This post is about a trip in a boat that takes almost 2 hours to reach the Natural Park Illa de Ons . And in the almost same amount of time I’ve had sea sickness. 784 more words



Well this isn’t good.

Well what it is stating was obviously going on but reading a news report about it .. and the imminent crisis kind of brings it home. 1,104 more words

How can we expect the young to save? Here's how!

The odds are stacked against our kids.

  • Low interest rates make paying a mortgage a cinch
  • But tight credit makes getting a first-time  mortgage a nightmare…
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If you think poverty started in 2010 you are part of the problem

This map from the Office for National Statistics shows that the UK is above mid league in terms of risk of poverty throughout Europe. If we leave the EU and the Single Market we will dream of these days as our standards will inevitably fall. 1,628 more words