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Character Profile: Chiyoko Hakke

Trying to knock some of these out of the way. Chiyoko is one of my OCs for Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End. Find out more about her below! 294 more words


By George, I just shrunk the pension!

While “workplace pensions” go from strength to strength in terms of coverage, the amount of money being paid as “pensions”, certainly in the private sector, is likely to shrink. 796 more words


The BBC's unhelpful article on the gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is a sensitive, highly topical subject and the deadline is approaching for companies to report their data, often for the first time. 749 more words

Fiscal Distortions - rolling loan cohorts & national account implications

I have in a previous post explained the basic presentational advantages accorded to student loans under national accounting conventions. In particular, a graduate tax with identical cashflows and therefore long-run costs would have a completely different impact on the deficit measure, which the government targets in its fiscal mandate. 1,242 more words

Student Finance & Loans

Are DB pensions benefiting from CETV de-risking?

It’s a fair question for a blogger to ask. I don’t have the answer and suspect that you’d get a different reply depending on who you asked. 996 more words


The DWP are being Conservative with the truth, yet again

Sarah’s story: Turned out to be fiction rather than fact

In 2015, Welfare Weekly exposed the Department for Work and Pensions for using fake testimonies from fake characters via a well-placed freedom of information (FoI) request, revealing that the lengths that the government is prepared to go to justify extremely punitive policies. 1,517 more words

Welfare "reforms"

Some Statistics On The Rise and Rise of Self Employment

I discovered some very interesting facts about small businesses in the UK this month. I am intrigued by the statistics that follow because I want to know what the real impact is of small businesses on the UK economy. 1,012 more words