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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Pride in our past, Faith in our Future. Be strong. Be proud. Such is the motto of the city of Mississauga that it may speak well about the positive and dignified spirit of its inhabitants. 935 more words


Ontario’s High Utility Costs Kill Jobs Again

The ruling Liberal party’s energy policy may soon wipe out your family pay check.

The policy wonks inside the Ontario Liberal inner circle have for many years dealt with the energy file by way of good public relations (PR) rather than good policy.  1,279 more words


Tired of Public Service Strikes? Me Too.

Some probably will not agree, but think about this:  public sector unions such as teachers’ unions etc. have no legitimacy in a free market economy.  At the heart of such employment relationship is an untenable labor/management relationship filled with conflicts of interest.  188 more words


Warning Telephone Scam

Be prepared for an official sounding robo-call.  The male caller speaks in a voice with no noticeable accents.  He leaves a brief message in your voice mail or recites the message if you happen to pick up the call. 737 more words


Truth and Reconciliation Commission Final Report

Every young Catholic boy or girl learns about confession and its redemptive forces.

The Act of Confession is an act of healing.  Not so much healing the victims of one’s actions or thoughts.  582 more words


Shout Out For Help – Another Urgent Aboriginal School Crisis

 [ you can help]

Thunderbird Rising first went into action five years ago in response to lack of educational opportunities in remote communities in Canada’s northlands. 421 more words


Drill Down on Teachers’ Strike


Full disclosure before beginning. (1) I am not a teacher and have no family members in the teaching profession. (2) I have no children or family members in Ontario elementary or secondary schools. 1,004 more words