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A foray into snowboarding from the casual skiers perspective.

I am reasonably good at skiing.

Once a year I decide skiing might be fun. I can navigate down a hill without gravely injuring myself.  I still fall.  390 more words


Self-proclaimed Elf.

Some things on my mind lately:

Ares just violently swatted my foot with an open paw with claws out, apparently my foot looked a little intimidating just sitting there, not moving.   667 more words


Buying Beer in Ontario Vs The Rest of the World

Here’s a badly made video that show’s the difference between buying beer here in Ontario to buying it even somewhere as close as Quebec.

It goes to show the ludicrous grip The Beer Store monopoly has in Ontario.


My Family Grew! As did my belly from that deep dish Chicago pizza...

We had a fabulous trip to Ontario visiting Rick’s family!  I met LOTS of family, and remember almost all of their names.  I managed to take a family picture at all the gatherings, here they are: 454 more words



Recently there’s been lot’s of talk about ending “The Beer Store” monopoly here in Ontario. With suspect deals being uncovered and exposed, many voices have called for an end to this out-dated system. 170 more words


Over the Waves: HMS Ontario

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season. As I mentioned in my last post, I was back in Ontario visiting family. 1,109 more words

Over The Waves