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Wild mushrooms, edible or poisonous?

I have discovered several species of mushrooms at our cottage in Ontario, Canada and am wondering if any are edible.  They range in color from very white, to almost white, to white with blue, brown and black tinges, to beige, to golden brown, to orange, to blood red.   61 more words


Weekend Getaway: Sauble Beach, Ontario

There’s no denying that Sauble Beach is a great beach (and clearly I’m not the only one that thinks that – the permanent population of 2000 people can get up to 100,000 in the summer). 424 more words


Dock spiders

This spider is huge!  I assume it is a she as the ball to the right of it is a mass of baby spiders that dispersed when I got too close… 153 more words


Beating the Heat at the Elora Quarry

To escape the heat from the latest heat wave we decided to spend the afternoon at the Elora Quarry aka ‘The Ol’ Swimming Hole.”

Costing $6 per adult for entry, it turned out to be a really popular place! 175 more words


T.A.N. Coffee

One of the first coffee shops in Ottawa that I visited and fell in love with was T.A.N. Coffee. T.A.N. stands for The Alternative Network, and while the brand is a chain and not unique to Ottawa this particular location gives off every vibe of being local. 319 more words


Making a Mars Landing at the Cheltenham Badlands

When you visit the Cheltenham Badlands you almost feel as if you’ve arrived on another planet.  It’s described as “a seven-hectare area of exposed iron-rich Queenston Shale bedrock deposited over 445 million years ago.” 1… 175 more words


How hot is it in Eastern Ontario, Canada?

This picture of the temperature gauge on our BBQ at the cottage was taken yesterday late afternoon.  You can see the temperature reads well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, … 31 more words

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