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Suzy Q

When I think of doughnuts Tim Hortons or Krispy Kreme immediately come to mind. And while one is almost worth craving, the other is barely worth eating (guess which one). 360 more words


It is time that we began thinking about “bread” not “circuses”

Trying to reveal the inner workings of the Canadian Olympic Organizing Committee is not a simple task. While it is apparent that the group is known by most Canadians, very little is disclosed about the important stuff. 974 more words


Hey---Hey-dah –aw-dah

David Peterson was sent packing by the voters in Ontario long ago because of a scandal. Premier Wynne put him in charge of the Pan AM fiasco. 123 more words


Sale of Ontario Power Generating Assets

There is an all consuming economic circle at the heart of Ontario Lieberal government.  You might even call it a vicious circle. By way of observing the pattern of how decisions are made by this inept bunch, there is little wonder why bond rating agencies such as Standard and Poors bumped up Ontario’s bond costs again. 1,931 more words


New Lieberal Tax Scheme Uncovered

The Lieberal government in Ontario is not entirely useless and inept.  They have shown two constant characteristics over the years.

They are experts at finding new ways to spend without consultation and an array of creative ways to grab money out of your pockets. 372 more words


New Scandal


Pon·zi scheme

pänzē ˌskēm


” a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.” 808 more words


Taking the plunge — scuba diving in Tobermory

I walked in Diver’s Den in Tobermory feeling sure of myself, yes it is cold water, more wet suit, some buoyancy variables, and yes it is #freezing. 795 more words