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Beavertails and poutine at Tangier Outlet Mall

Shopping with my son at Tangier Outlet Mall here in Kanata, Ontario recently, we just had to stop for a treat.  That’s me in the pink coat. 176 more words


911 Operator - Help I Work From Home"

Written By Colin Nissan, slightly reworded by Debbie Jeffries to fit her life!

911 OPERATOR: 911—what’s your emergency?

DEBBIE: Hi, I . . . uh . 1,089 more words

Real Butterfly Jewelry

Elgin Sports closing its doors

Elgin Sports, an Ottawa landmark for sports enthusiasts, is closing its doors.  Located on Albert, between Bank and Kent Streets in downtown Ottawa, Elgin Sports has been in business for 70 years. 50 more words


Biased TV networks

How do TV networks get away with being so biased?   Although I am not talking about the recent American election coverage, that was pretty bad too.   389 more words


Free admission for 2017 to Parks Canada

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary Parks Canada is giving everyone a present …. Free admission to Canadians and visitors from all around the world to all Parks Canada Locations from coast to coast to coast. 4,640 more words

Hiking Trails Ontario

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What a great idea! I grew up in Cornwall, Ontario very close to the Long Sault Parkway which is on the St Lawrence River.   My family spent lots of time at the beautiful campsites and beaches there....  There are thousands of parks along this river that separates Canada from the USA,  as well as throughout the rest of Canada. It is no wonder that Canada is recognized globally for its forests, lakes, and rivers.   Plan your summer vacations now!

How much snow?

How much snow do you have in your area?  Here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada we have received quite a bit in the past few weeks, pretty sure it is more than we usually have this time of year.   238 more words