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Dirty Business: The Reality of Ontario’s Rush to Wind Power.

In this collection of short essays, the editor is very specific in the introduction, referring to the “wind power generation industry” and how it measures up from a business development standpoint.  459 more words

Green Energy

Frank Klees: portrait of an opportunist

The buzz today, of course, is the apparent betrayal of his own political party by Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees, who announced his intent to run for Speaker, thereby weakening the Conservatives’ ability to oppose the Liberal’s minority government. 165 more words

Industrial Wind Turbines

Another expensive wind weekend in Ontario

It’s been a breezy weekend in Ontario…which means, more money flying out of Ontario taxpayer and ratepayer pockets. According to energy analyst Scott Luft, record amounts of wind power were produced…but we didn’t need it. 255 more words

National Post editorial board: green dreams die hard

This is an editorial from the August 13th edition of The National Post. Wind doesn’t work. And, it’s taking Ontario farther down the path to total failure (did you know that Ontario’s current debt stands at more than $230 BILLION?) 410 more words

Definition of the Ontario FIT program

Here is a definition of the Ontario Feed-in Tariff program for wind and solar power, as proposed by Dan Wrightman, who farms in south-western Ontario. 79 more words

With FIT future in question, Ontario solar industry gets 400 new jobs

With or without Ontario’s current feed-in-tariff (FIT) incentives for alternative energy production, SunEdison is here to stay.

On Monday, the subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. 614 more words

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