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Shaping and Adapting

While leading his company in Afghanistan, Marine Major Paul Tremblay was ordered to clear a much larger Taliban force that was defending an area of rugged terrain. 316 more words

Boyd's Theories

Critical Thinking: Observation, Interpretation, Application

Colonel John Boyd (USAF) developed a theory around the decision cycle he called the OODA Loop. OODA stands for observe-orient-decide-act. The theory goes that in the constantly changing circumstances of air combat, the fighter pilot who makes the greater number of appropriate observation-based actions in a given period of time wins the aerial dogfight. 143 more words

The six skills that make entrepreneurs extraordinary

Five years ago, Amy Wilkinson ( http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/faculty-research/faculty/amy-wilkinson )  was attending a birthday party in New York City when she looked around at the prominent guests and saw several well-known entrepreneurs. 786 more words