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Moscow warns US over missile system deployment to S. Korea - Yahoo News

Moscow on Wednesday warned that Washington’s deployment of a US missile defence system to South Korea could spark an arms race in the region.

Well yeah, missile defence is good, but then you have to look at which way those missiles are coming in to the defence system, sideways, or straight on?

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Commoditizing; an Active Measure?

SHOCK: Hearing reports #BundyMilitia arrests were a hoax & they escaped on these magnificent birds.#Oregonstandoff pic.twitter.com/ih3ctvFZWX— Charles Buchanan (@CRobertBuchanan) January 27, 2016

It seems likely to me that commoditizing is an… 135 more words


Active Shooter Scenarios should Drive your Firearms Training

By Hammerhead

I am a big believer in having your firearms and self-defense training reflect the real-world threats that wait outside your comfort zone. When you look at the events in Paris, (Charlie Hebdo in January and the most recent attack in November) combined with the attack on the Police Officer in Philadelphia last week and the events in Jakarta and Africa this week, it is clear that… 797 more words

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OODA; A Node Looking for an Edge

In another post I wrote: ” nodes are the ends to the path across the gap between nodes.”.  I also said, “…edges are the pathways between nodes… “.The OODA loop is a node not an edge. 317 more words


US Air Force shelves Warthog plane retirement amid IS fight: media

Washington (AFP) – The US Air Force will delay retiring the A-10 — a stalwart attack aircraft beloved by ground troops — because of the ongoing fight against the Islamic State group, a military news site reported Wednesday.

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Ft.^4=G; Mystery Solved

Statics is the center of gravity around which any course in engineering is created. It was in my statics class that I was first introduced to the units of measure feet to the fourth power. 440 more words


More armed men visit site of Oregon wildlife refuge standoff.

The network, a consortium of groups from Oregon, Washington and Idaho, arrived at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge midmorning in a convoy of about 18 vehicles, carrying rifles and handguns and dressed in military attire and bulletproof vests.

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