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How Much Are Chinese Gold Reserves?

additionally, he states 9,816 tonnes are the world’s second, which wouldn’t be true if this amount would refer to official gold reserves, as the US Treasury officially holds 8,134 tonnes.

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Shaping and Adapting

While leading his company in Afghanistan, Marine Major Paul Tremblay was ordered to clear a much larger Taliban force that was defending an area of rugged terrain. 316 more words

Boyd's Theories

Critical Thinking: Observation, Interpretation, Application

Colonel John Boyd (USAF) developed a theory around the decision cycle he called the OODA Loop. OODA stands for observe-orient-decide-act. The theory goes that in the constantly changing circumstances of air combat, the fighter pilot who makes the greater number of appropriate observation-based actions in a given period of time wins the aerial dogfight. 143 more words