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Hunting for hidden gems

A few years ago I got a couple of random teas from my local Asian supermarket. At that time, the store was not as good at labeling things in detail in English, and the teas I got were awful. 483 more words


University Town Center Haul // Lush + Capital Teas

Over the weekend my family and I took a trip to one of our favorite malls in Florida, the University Town Center, located in Sarasota. As this is typically the closest Lush store I can get to at any time, I stocked up on some of my usual things along with a few new things I haven’t tried yet. 559 more words


ooooh darjeeling oolong: adagio teas

oooh darjeeling! ooooh oolong! Oh me, oh my… where does the time go? It’s been forever since my last post, and I am itching to get back to it. 568 more words


Tea Tasting: Yushan Oolong from Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co.

As you may know, I have a particular liking of oolong tea, particularly when the weather starts to chill down in autumn or warm up in spring. 406 more words


Formosa Oolong Si Ji Chuen, jäätee

Testasin aiemmin mauttomaksi kritisoimaani Théhuoneen Formosa Oolong Si Ji Chuenia jääteenä. Toimin seuraavasti:

Mittasin pannuun 3 teelusikallista teenlehtiä ja vähän alle litran kylmää vettä. Laitoin pannun jääkaappiin kahdeksi tunniksi. 59 more words

Formosa Oolong Si Ji Chuen

Aloitan teeblogin suorastaan rikollisella tavalla: teellä, jota en ymmärrä. Olen suuri oolongin ystävä, ja saatan juoda viikkokausia vain erilaisia oolongeja muuta kaipaamatta. Tämä Théhuoneen Formosa Oolong Si Ji Chuen… 110 more words

Attention to quality tea making has long been a classic Chinese tradition. In China the words kungfu or gongfu refer to any study or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete. 502 more words