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Organic Light Oolong Tea From Harendong Organic Tea Estate

Today, the focus of this review will be the Organic Light Oolong Tea from Harendong Organic Tea Estate. I provided more information on this estate in my… 554 more words

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Milky oolong (T-House)

Olen milky oolongien ystävä, ja olenkin maistellut läpi eri teehuoneiden milkyjä oolongeja viime vuosien aikana. En ole ihastunut vuohenmaidossa höyrytettyihin milkyihin – jotenkin pelkkä ajatus vuohenmaitoteestä tuntuu ällöttävältä, minkä lisäksi inhoan vuohenmaidon makua. 183 more words

Shangri-La Organic Oolong Tea From Nepal Tea

Circling back around to the samples from Nepal Tea, the packet of Shangri-La Oolong Tea caught my attention. A few years have passed since I last reviewed an oolong from Nepal, so it’s time to get reacquainted. 665 more words

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Drink Me: Tea Runners, Water Sprite Oolong

I’m awash in samples from Tea Runners!  This week I brought Water Sprite Oolong to work to try.

Water Sprite Oolong is pure oolong tea from a family farm high up in the mountains of Southeast China. 77 more words


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Oolong Dan Cong

Have you ever been on one of those long youtube video or wikipedia page warrens? The type where you wind up finding something interesting or amusing, but the moment you try to explain what you saw, someone is asking, “How did you come across that?” And in that moment you realise, without the context of the previous half hour’s rational searching, you can’t explain how you came to watch people have foreign objects removed from their ears, or that… 140 more words


Gaoshanchi Fushoushan Oolong Tea From Fong Mong Tea

It’s been a busy past week and a half, but I am happy to finally get some time today to focus on some excellent tea. Today’s review will feature the Gaoshanchi Fushoushan Oolong Tea from… 612 more words

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Ti Kuan Yin - The Legend

It was some years ago, during the start of my budding tea enthusiasm, when I took a journey to visit family in Montana. We were driving through the snowy mountains on our way to Yellowstone in Wyoming when we rolled our rickety old truck into a small village. 451 more words