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Tea Source Rare Orchid Oolong

The dry leaves are black and have a sawdust/leafy smell. They are varying in size.

The wet leaves have a sawdust and woody smell. The size of the leaves is varying from an inches to quarter of an inch. 117 more words

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Jing Tea Shop Wuyi Shui Jin Gi Oolong

The dry leaves are long and have highlights here and there on select leaves, but are mostly black. They have a woody smell with roasted undertones. 73 more words

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REVIEW: Leopold's Of London, JBR (The ENBD-Zomato Food Trail)

If there is anything better than dressing up for a fine-dining dinner date, it is dressing up for an “I-have-no-idea-where-I’m-going” food trail! I didn’t know if heels would be a pain, or if some bling would be appropriate. 558 more words


Tea LC Brown Sugar

The dry leaves smell like Brown Sugar!! They are black leaves with safflower highlights. It looks and smells amazing!

I was so caught up in this tea that I didn’t take photos of the wet leaves or the liquor, but here is the rest of my review: 92 more words

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Golden Bridge Brand High Mountain Oolong

The dry leaves have a gentle spinach smell, as soon as you open the vacuum sealed bag! They are a beautiful and vibrant green color. 120 more words

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Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine: Osulloc

Ahhh… I had so many big plans for today! Laundry, dishes, walking, cleaning, beading, marking, lesson planning… and here I am with half the day gone, and the only thing I’ve done is laze around on the couch and waste time building my cell-phone city. 562 more words


5 Facts About GABA Tea

Time to go exploring a special kind of tea called GABA.

Health claims being made about a special kind called GABA tea. And that tea, very popular and Japan and other Asian countries, is becoming increasingly known in other parts of the world, partly due to various health claims and partly due to its devotees who swear that the flavor is very different and more pleasant. 628 more words

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