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Tit Koon Yum 

Tämän Tit koon yum -oolongin olen ostanut jostakin kiinalaisten elintarvikkeiden kaupasta. Hintalapussa luki Iron Buddha, joten kuka voisi vastustaa?

Teenlehdet ovat hiukan nahkeita ja tuoksuvat makean paahteisilta. 192 more words

Tieguanyin Iron Goddess AAA (Teekauppa Veiström)

Ostin Tieguanyin Iron Goddess AAA -oolongin Teekauppa Veiströmistä ehkä puolitoista vuotta sitten, mutta se jäi silloin hyllyssäni taka-alalle, enkä ole osannut palata sen ääreen uudestaan. Viime yönä, mahdollisimman epäsopivaan teenjuontiaikaan, sain kuitenkin idean hauduttaa teetä gongfu-tyyliin savipannulla. 376 more words

Hội An: Reaching Out to the World

After having breakfast at then borrowing bicycles from our hotel, we rode to Old Town Hoi An. Many visitors already arrived. Besides the planning and architecture, perhaps the energy of a busy trading port of East and Southeast Asia from the 15th to 19th centuries are also “exceptionally well-preserved” here. 442 more words


Alishan Jinxuan Oolong Tea From Taiwan M's Tea

As my readers may have figured out, I have been extremely busy at work, which is a good thing, but has kept me from being able to post regular reviews. 779 more words

Wulong Tea Reviews

Because this is my first Life

“The Unlucky Kids of 1988”

What would you do to stay self sufficient?

Would you marry your landlord for housing?

Would you marry your tenant because she cleans the house well? 692 more words

Korean Drama

Oolong Tea Benefits: The Fat Burning Tea You Need!

Oolong tea benefits are a great addition to the daily diet of almost anyone, regardless of whether your overall goal is simply to lose weight. #Health #Healthy #Tea #Oolong #Nutrition #Fitness #FatLoss


My personal motto is: ‘there’s nothing a cup of tea can’t fix’.

If I’m stressed/sad/tired/sick I’ll have a cup of tea and somehow feel better. 796 more words