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just don't make my car wear a foo-foo vest

Her eyes were bright just like the stars
But she drove a pickup said she hated cars
— the prophet lyle lovett

My brother has a chihuahua who hangs out with two big dogs. 7 more words


The Great Flower Ankle Sweatband Experiment of 2018 ©

If you’re going to San Francisco
be sure to wear a flower on your ankle
— the prophet Scott McKenzie

Longtime readers know I’m a student of running. 709 more words


mo sheppo's guide to the locked track

If the big gate to the track is locked but you find an unlocked gate to the tennis courts that leads to another unlocked gate to the tennis courts that eventually leads to the track, that means the track isn’t really locked up at all. 8 more words


heart surgeons have no sense of humor

heart surgeon meets with us right after operation.

surgeon: blah blah blah blah blah.

Laura asks series of questions

surgeon: blah blah blah blah blah. 48 more words


the day i became an old man

I am hanging out with my brother at the hospital. He is four years younger than me. He has just gone through bypass surgery, so he doesn’t look that great. 71 more words


i don't rumpus enough

“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!” 
— the prophet Sendak

I have a horrible confession. I have become obsessed with v02 max. 307 more words


the day i realized i will not live to be 100

I have long suspected I will not live to be 100. As a former ultra guy, there is a certain appeal to that number, the holy grail of long runs. 554 more words