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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Summary: This is a story familiar to many. Ingenuitive, and slightly wonky, chocolatier Willy Wonka has just released five golden tickets throughout the world. These golden tickets will allow entry to his factory for five lucky children, for one day only, and also guarantee them a lifetime supply of chocolate! 543 more words

Book Review


Out of sheer nostalgia, Mel Stuart’s Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory¬†gains its place in my top 100 films. Others might debate that Stuart’s film is not accurate to Roald Dahl’s original text, or that Tim Burton’s… 610 more words

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emily dickinson's fly

i’m on the w.b. ray high school track. 6 mile hm pace run. miles is miles. it’s just another run, with one exception. or two. or four. 509 more words


the best thing about training plans

the best thing about training plans is that they make you do stuff you don’t want to do.

today is a 6-mile run at race pace. 229 more words


just another elevator conversation

nice woman pushing the buttons: “What floor?”

me: “basement, please.”

Nice woman pushing the buttons:





a full

30 seconds.

“I don’t think there IS a basement.” 27 more words


someone to watch over me

Mo says it’s OK if I use her computer. I mostly use my phone these days, the way we kids tend to do, and I have a little computer you operate by pulling the string and listening to the barnyard animals make sounds. 64 more words


just another morning conversation, part 66

mo: i can’t find the plug-in for the little mac.

me: it’s right there.

mo: no, it’s not.

me: yes, it is.

mo: no.

me: yes. 19 more words