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The Art of the Hand and Foot

My first love was the martial art, Tae-kwon-do. I have had the fortunate experience to train for almost eight years (and continuing) at, Neill’s Taekwondo and Fitness… 186 more words

Creating Oomph

Creating Oomph

Oomph, as defined from my computer dictionary is, “the quality of being exciting, energetic or sexually attractive.”

A healthy balanced life requires the incorporation of a steady workout plan. 59 more words

Creating Oomph


Pitkän tauon jälkeen päätin piirtää yhden lempibändeistäni.

After a long pause, I decided to draw one of my favorite bands.

Tools: Photoshop CC… 8 more words

Digital Art

Heavenly Zucchini Soup with Leeks & Basil

As the name of this post suggests, the two main ingredients in this soup are zucchini and leek, but I also included potatoes for creaminess and texture. 393 more words


Frau Schneider & Frau Goi

Tämä ajatus kiusasi mua tarpeeksi kauan, niin olihan sitä pakko lopuksi tämä piirtää.
Käytin tässä mallikuvaa, jotta saisin asennot kunnolla. Frau Goin (oikea) vaatteet ovat kopioitu musiikkivideosta, mutta Frau Schneiderin vaatteet suunnittelin itse. 84 more words

Digital Art

Dero Goi painting

Tools: Pencils, acrylics and copics here and there
Size: 57x77cm
Time: 1 day

Note: Colors aren’t right, thanks to my camera.
DeviantArt: http://fav.me/d6lcq6k


Crocus Pocus

Excuse the Excuse

Change the mouse for a moose

Mount the unmountable mountainous mount

As sometimes one’s focus MUST be on one’s crocus

(not the accidental duvet flattened woodlouse! 56 more words

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