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Sleeping Alone

A friend of mine from university is in a long-distance relationship, and when I asked him what he misses most about his partner, he replied with a profundity I was not expecting. 402 more words

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My Reactions to the 67th Emmy Award Nominations

Emmy’s seasons has officially begun, folks. I feel a little guilty, because on my ever growing astronomical list of TV shows that I need to catch up on, I’ve been stuck on the Seinfeld item for quite a while now, and thus have not gotten to see some of what was announced on Thursday morning. 719 more words

Unhelpful Lists

oh aldous

“To speak seriously of what one took seriously – this, precisely, was one of the things that wasn’t done. A touch of humor proved more cogently than any emphasis could do, any emotional trembling of the voice, that he did take these things seriously.” – Aldous Huxley, Eyeless in Gaza, 1936



“That which besets me is indifference. I can’t be bothered about people. Or rather, won’t. For I avoid, carefully, all occasions for being bothered. A necessary part of the treatment is to embrace all the bothersome occasions one can, to go out of one’s way to create them. 11 more words


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