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Oooh, so true, right?! It’s so easy to fall into old patterns and old thought systems. Sometimes it’s easier to see the negative, but it’s not fun, or useful! 13 more words


oh aldous

“To speak seriously of what one took seriously – this, precisely, was one of the things that wasn’t done. A touch of humor proved more cogently than any emphasis could do, any emotional trembling of the voice, that he did take these things seriously.” – Aldous Huxley, Eyeless in Gaza, 1936



“That which besets me is indifference. I can’t be bothered about people. Or rather, won’t. For I avoid, carefully, all occasions for being bothered. A necessary part of the treatment is to embrace all the bothersome occasions one can, to go out of one’s way to create them. 11 more words


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