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Zio's Tomato Florentine Soup?

Back in the day, when I worked like a slave for the corporate world, a co-worker & I would frequent Zio’s for lunch.  I remember we would always get the tomato florentine soup and lots of extra minced garlic to add to our herb & olive oil dressing that we’d smoosh our  bread into.   474 more words
Good Eats

Downsizing & Streamlining for Facebook Pages

If memory serves me correctly, I started this blog before I started our web page. It was a fun way to share what goes on around here and is a good outlet to jot down my thought when I have the time, which doesn’t seem to be often anymore.   337 more words

Ooops Did I Forget To "file" This!


Please join me & others to tell Kellogg they owe it to the American People that support their business to provide us QUALITY food!

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Ooops Did I Forget To "file" This!

Chain Link ~ A Link in the Chain

Yep I did it again.  With so much going on & to keep up with, I phased out on you all.  I am sending out this summary to fill the gap between births, where I left off.   540 more words

Ooops Did I Forget To "file" This!

A Special Myotonic Buckling

Our first ever BLUE eyed myotonic goat born on our farm!   Actually we do not own any blue eyed “fainters”, but they do run in the family trees!!! 11 more words

Ooops Did I Forget To "file" This!

Handmade Pay it Forward Challenge

One of my all time favorite blogs, Sincerely, Emily, reposted her 2012 Pay it Forward Challenge – thank goodness because I missed the first one! 225 more words


Michelle reblogged this on The Goat Granny and commented:

Sad as I am to say, I received no challengers for the pay it forward challenge that I posted. Just a few "likes". So I am re-blogging my original post with a 2013 PAY IT FORWARD challenge! I hope that I can get 5 readers to accept my challenge for 2013!! Read on and join me in some hand-made fellowship! OH! and Emily sent me the prettiest most coolest things, but I am saving that for another post!

It's been a while

WOW, I have been busy!

Just a note to say I am still alive and have LOTS to share!

There is so much to do when the weather is nice. 24 more words

Ooops Did I Forget To "file" This!