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Anticipating Spring - OOTD

I believe that there comes a time when you’re stuck with what to blog about and when to post things and just the ideas you once thought were good now seem not so great. 426 more words


Things I Wore (and Did) in January 2018

If January isn’t for snuggling with your dog, then what’s it for, anyway? Looking back on my photos from this month, it’s clear I spent a lot of time inside the house bundled up and petting, snuggling with, and admiring my dog—which is exactly how I like spending my winters. 664 more words


Alicia Does Wardrobe Wednesday: January

By this point, most of what I’m wearing are just variations on last month’s favorites. Here are some highlights of this month, for the sake of continuing to nail down the best Minimalist Gold winter wardrobe. 249 more words


My Wardrobe Must Haves

I would honestly like to call my whole wardrobe my ‘must haves’ so I can keep telling myself that it is okay when I spend my entire weeks pay check on clothes. 305 more words

A look(back)through my wardrobe

Does any body else when in a style rut decide to start looking through old OOTD posts hoping for some inspiration? That’s what I have done this evening, I find that my wardrobe does still consist of pieces that I was wearing 1,5 even 10 years ago so I thought that I would look through some old OOTD posts from before my blog (I logged into my facebook and trawled through all my albums) and founds some pictures of outfits and hairstyles that I really liked and that sparked my fashion interests again and thought that I would share them with you. 517 more words


Falls Festival 17/18

Welcome honey’s, 

“New Year, New Blog”, Right??

Miss Influential is ramping it up big time with, consistent uploads and a heck more passion.

The first post of 2018 is a cute little photo story to tell you about how 4 days have made me the happiest I’ve ever been. 756 more words

Alicia Does Wardrobe Wednesday: December Review

I started this exercise of chronicling my outfits not because I am a weird narcissist who likes how she looks in what she wears, but because I wanted to be forced to evaluate how often I wear certain things and how they actually look on me. 683 more words