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Op Art – Clone 12

A visual puzzle. On a white surface, dark blue squares dance in front of the observer.

It is almost impossible to fix the eye and the mind is becoming confused because these are just dark blue squares in different positions and perfectly aligned. 74 more words


Op Art – Clone 10

A rainbow of coloured squares catches the observer with its yellow and red, blue and purple, orange and green – all in different tones, all in squares of different sizes. 86 more words


Optical Art - Clone 11

All in red. Squares in several sizes move over a strong and illuminated red background.

The small squares are an opaque red that seems to fly over the light behind them. 75 more words


Optical Art - Clone 25 MK2a

This picture explores movement, symmetry and harmony using small dark blue diamonds lined over a strong and gradient orange background.

The viewer experience conducts to a visual dance where curves are seeing where there are no one round line: just the straight lines that form the little diamonds. 52 more words


Optical Art – Clone Geometry 22 Colour

Multi coloured circles into squares, and vice versa, forming an alluring image about which it is impossible to be ambivalent – trying to understand – trying to focus the eye in one place. 52 more words