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Joseph Conrad on Writing & Art Part Four

Part Four

Fiction — if it at all aspires to be art — appeals to temperament. And in truth it must be, like painting, like music, like all art, the appeal of one temperament to all the other innumerable temperaments whose subtle and resistless power endows passing events with their true meaning, and creates the moral, the emotional atmosphere of the place and time. 378 more words


Stop and Frisk

I can’t help but make a comment on Stop and Frisk and Clintons remark about NYC – I mean, how can I not having lived in Brooklyn almost my whole life and having seen SaF done all the time! 872 more words



On September 26, the most important night of 2016, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in the first presidential debate at Hofstra University and swapped their color schemes—Trump wore a blue tie while Clinton put on her red pantsuit, however, the personal styles that defined them remained congruent throughout the debate. 387 more words


YouTube: WTF

So…I am addicted to YouTube.

Ask anyone, hang out with me long enough and I will put on a string of YouTube videos. Since early 2000’s its been a place where you can make and be in charge of your own content 100%. 606 more words


Cheat sheet for debate viewers

Hillary’s script

On Trump.  He’s a rich white racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic nut job who never built a business in his life, because governments, not people, build businesses. 181 more words


Constitutional Crisis or Stolen Election: Legit Worries For Election 2016

I don’t forget 2000. It was the second Presidential election I could vote in and just like my first vote in ’96 I was excited to do my part for my party & principles. 625 more words