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Sex and Work

I do not personally or as an attorney believe anyone should get away with forcing another for sex or sexual compromise or feel that in order to keep their job they must acquiesce to such behavior. 247 more words

U.S. National Concerns

Living Near the Arctic Circle is Difficult, but So is Parenting.

Last night while sleeping, my son puked on my daughter’s head.

It wasn’t personal, she just happened to be lying next to him when his stomach bug kicked in.  698 more words


An Early View On Becoming A Monster: Vampire V5 Alpha

For years, Vampire: The Masquerade (and the rest of the World of Darkness offshoots/Storyteller line) was my go-to game for tabletop. I ran multiple campaigns during semesters, it was our default game for summers, and I even brought it with me during my travels to Japan (and I still have conversations with one of my players, who has been running it as an ST ever since). 1,968 more words


Buh-bye, Bannon?

If Republicans take nothing else away from Roy Moore’s loss they should pay heed to the dangers of supporting a Bannon acolyte.

Even without the sex angle, Moore was a flawed candidate for  a national position, yet he was the one that Bannon chose to push to the front. 243 more words


How difficult can it be to defeat a racist pedophile?

How difficult can it be to defeat a racist pedophile?

Turns out in Alabama, the answer is: very.

In yesterday’s special election to see who would occupy AG Jeff Session’s empty senate seat KKK-busting Democrat Doug Jones… 695 more words


Viral Victims: Good or Bad?

The internet is a very powerful place. It has the ability to make or break you. One goal everyone has (whether they want to admit it or not) is going viral. 885 more words


Why no one will win in Alabama.

It took a little while for Democrats to figure out how to use the sexual misconduct allegations and accusations against members of Congress to their advantage,  but they’ve got it all dialed in now. 406 more words