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Food for All

There are approximately 7 billion people living on our planet today, and every one of them needs to eat. Yet a large amount of our population does not get the food that they need. 917 more words


A Sad Day....

“…Does math really matter? It appears not; despite what’s clear and evident you keep buying, you keep producing, you keep paying taxes and running on the hamster wheel.   68 more words


Monday's trades help back up Mets' loud offseason words

Actions speak louder than words, and the Mets have talked an awful lot this spring.

Throughout spring training, there’s clearly a new attitude and raised expectations with this team, a lot of which have eminated from the coaching staff and players. 556 more words


Launching a Fashion Label in 7 steps

So you’ve been sketching your fabulous designs on the corner of napkins and your book is filled with concepts and designs you’d just love to create. 918 more words

Business Of Fashion

5 Things I Hate about “Higher Education”: An Analysis of my College Experience Thus Far

I attend a private religious institution which will remain unnamed, and I have observed some immensely disturbing things about my school that of which when I compared to some my peer’s schools have come to the conclusion that these issues are present in a variety of universities from two year to four year. 1,448 more words

New South Precinct Captain's Letter to the Community

Captain Mike Washburn, who will officially take over as head of the South Precinct on April 8th, wished to introduce himself to the South Seattle community via this open letter. 253 more words


America – Melting pot or kitchen pantry?

It’s absolutely assured that one of the major talking points on both sides of the political spectrum leading up to the next election will be immigration, as candidates vie for the votes of those who are poised to become de facto “citizens by fiat.” Already, media outlets are evaluating potential election contestants  based on whether they have “flip-flopped” in their views toward immigration. 1,036 more words