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More Than Serious

Over the past few days, Liberians on social media have been reacting to the documentary, Unprotected, by ProPublica in collaboration with Time Magazine. Unprotected shines light on how an American charity operating in Liberia, … 1,608 more words


On Lesvos (CEP)

Ameni Abida

Lesvos Island, Greece.

If someone was to ask me “how was it?”, I wouldn’t be able to answer, because there are no words. Yet, here I am. 387 more words


MESSA 2018: A Platform for Groundbreaking Undergraduate Research

Irene Promodh. April 12, 2018.

This year, we received an unprecedented amount of both international and local submissions that discussed the theme of “Uncertainty, Stability & Cohesion: A Transforming Middle East” at this year’s MESSA conference.   608 more words


The Legacy of Carpenter's 'Halloween' - 40 Years Later

Whenever I watch a movie that’s considered a classic for the first time, I always ask myself, “What makes this film a classic?” There are a number of components to that question and one of them is asking whether the film has changed or added anything new to its respective genre? 1,709 more words


No Offence But... Sometimes Academic Literature is Terrible

Harleen Osahan

No Offence But… is a column by Harleen Osahan where she rants about things that bother her about academia, politics, and life. 

 I love academia. 406 more words


A Quick Note on My Political Praxis, That Others May Find Useful

There are candidates and politicians I like better. There are candidates and politicians I like worse. None are perfect, because all are fallible human beings who willfully and routinely put themselves in a position to make morally gray choices, often if not always among options of which none are what a regular person might call good. 297 more words


Closing Thought--15Oct18

I know that it is October….but stop and think about the incidents and events that were reported in September…A new book, an anonymous Op-Ed and an Obama speech in the first seven days of September appeared to reveal dangerous insider moves against a dangerous, but constitutionally elected president. 217 more words