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Can Trump Be Charged With Obstruction? (Hugh T. Knight·Friday, June 23, 2017)

     There’s been a lot of noise lately about Trump being investigated for obstruction; the Left has made a big deal about this, acting as though they were *really* going to get him. 1,147 more words


CNN is the slave to President's Twitter.

  • Sic Semper Tyrannus

    “ Always Thus Unto Tyrants”

    As we type, the television is droning in our ear. President Trump maintains his mastery of media cycles.

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Tale of Midsummer magic.

Living North enough to see the sun pause for three days is quite possibly one of my favorite things to do in summer. No matter what science and rationale says, there’s simply something magical about it: warm summer breeze, light at night as if it was a still evening, songs by the open fire, and going to look for the mythical fern blossom. 528 more words


Hunting Republicans Politics in the era of absent cause Or How the DNC is losing to a 36% approval rating (By Doug Beatty)


  • Disclosure – Doug Beatty is a foaming at the mouth Libertarian, such that he and others of his ilk don’t even belong to their local Libertarian Party.

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TGIF - June 23, 2017

More tidbits you may have missed.

Congressional Black Caucus posts a miss, again.

After apparently running out of real reasons not to meet with President Trump, the CBC refused his invitation for a meeting and cited as the reason, the way Omarosa Manigault signed her name. 482 more words


A Girl in a Game Store

As a female in the gaming world I have come across some weird behaviors over the years.  But very few compare to the different ways guys react to me when they see me in a game store alone.   827 more words


Summer 2017: What I'm Reading Now

I guess it’s that time again–time to set my monthly reading list of the three books I’m reading this month! I’ve been trying to make my TBRs a month-by-month thing and only with three books at a time. 1,025 more words