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TGIF- October 20, 2017

Honor wins.

There’s a certain Florida representative who wound up looking pretty damn small Thursday. You know the one…the woman who wears her Halloween costume to work on  many days, wearing a symbol of a culture in which she would last about as long as a snowball in hell. 503 more words


Op-Ed: Bad Magician

Turns out my friend Thomas has become a close-up magician.

Hadn’t seen him in over a year, and he walks into my house yesterday holding a small black case with silver edging and a Vegas sticker on it.  626 more words


Taxes, economics and political gamesmanship.

Should the “rich” get tax relief? BTW, what’s “rich” in today’s hyper-partisan political climate?

That’s yet to be published, but if you define it as only people whose AGI (adjusted gross income) … 695 more words


The United States Men's National Team has a Superstar Problem

Every sportscaster who’s paid even two cents has worn footprints into his soapbox talking about what an embarrassment, what a travesty, what a joke, what a, what a, … 628 more words

World Soccer News

Reflecting on “Progress”

The September issue of The Atlantic posed a disturbing question to its readers — “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” The article explores the effect that the Internet and the smartphone, as well as the apps and services that utilize them, have had on the first generation to have grown up immersed in these nascent technologies. 504 more words


On North Korea and Escalating Tensions

Tensions have increased exponentially in the past one month both within the Korean Peninsula and around it. I received this emergency alert in the morning from the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications signalling a North Korean missile that flew past Hokkaido and landed into the Pacific. 2,048 more words


Dragons Conquer America: Does It Conquer My Heart?

In one of the random RPG groups I am a part of, a friend shared a link to a game called “Dragons Conquer America.” The name alone caught my eye (because who doesn’t love dragons?), but the setting captured my attention. 3,422 more words