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Why Black Panther Is Worthy Of Its Oscar Nomination

Every year around awards season there is always a big question of what films will be nominated for awards, which ones should be nominated and which one’s should not. 2,521 more words


It's not Trump's money, guv.

Note to California Governor Newsom…the money you don’t want to return is American taxpayer money.  It wasn’t a personal loan from the President.

Putting aside the wrangling over the border security funds, the question is, since some of the high speed rail project has been built, should California get to keep the money fronted by the Feds? 184 more words


Gig Economy: The Word is Out!

By Pritish Gupta

           Before you jump off your chair reading the word ‘gig’ assuming it to be akin to some live music performance, hold your horses. 740 more words


One more to go?

Well, Bernie “I’m the official Socialist” Sanders is in the race now, so all we need for a full house is perennial election loser Joe “Hands” Biden. 237 more words


Spill the Tea

“There are eight-hundred kids in this school, how can we not talk about each other?”

     I remember sitting at the lunch table during my Sophomore year, entranced by latest news about the relationship of a senior I had never even spoken to. 1,510 more words


Three Literary Power Couples that Enamored the World with their Romance and Writings

Written by Christie Basson

The 21st century loves a good power couple. From the unshakability of Michelle and Barack Obama to the creative genius of  Beyoncé and Jay-Z to the classic elegance Meghan and Harry — the masses have supported the coupling of powerful people for decades. 1,910 more words


Safety: A Birthright of All

Our constitution grants us the Right to Life under the many civil rights that it has provided for its citizens. This privilege promises that the state has to make provisions for the well-being and the safety of its citizens, something that it has failed to do in recent times. 688 more words