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Wave of Police Killing

Just Thinking. I agree there is no excuse for public officials including law enforcement to be physically or emotionally abusive toward; including cursing citizens of the US of whom they are to serve and protect. 206 more words

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Interview with a Trump Millennial.

In 2012, Alex voted for the first time for a president. Asked how he felt about it he answered:

“Confused. I mean, you kinda knew that neither guy was telling the whole truth about anything.” 541 more words


France, Turkey and human rights: is a state of emergency the new normal?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared a state of emergency in the wake of the failed coup of July 15. It’s not yet clear how the President intends to interpret the powers awarded to him in this situation but there are ongoing concerns that his government will clamp down on human rights. 1,079 more words


I listened to Trump's speech last night at the convention. I agreed with everything he said but unfortunately it won't happen.

Everybody running for president sounds good. It’s a nice dream but it will never happen. When I listened to Obama’s speech in 2008 he also sounded good but look what happened. 217 more words

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Cleveland Takeaways.

Post-Cleveland, everyone will have their own take on how it went, but there do seem to be a few common themes emerging.

First, this convention turned out to be about the modern American voter, and that person may not be a political carbon copy of their parents and grandparents. 328 more words


Here’s Why Some Celebs Can’t Handle Being Friends With Taylor Swift

If you happen to be a middle child, then you can image what it’s like being friends with Taylor Swift. Wait, stay with me. 1,389 more words

Taylor Swift

Cleveland, Round Four.

Round three is now in the books.

For some reason, perhaps to prove that it is willing to listen to and overcome any voice, the Trump campaign allowed Ted Cruz  to make his last quasi-official  2016 campaign speech. 494 more words