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Trump's pivot - How's that working out?

A week or so into Mr. Trump’s newest “pivot”, how’s it going over with supporters?

Some of them clearly still think he’s the answer to a more modern Republican Party. 1,021 more words


Bigots and Burkinis

The anti-Islam claptrap that seems to be abounding worldwide is just plain asinine.  I find it almost hilarious that every time a Muslim, particularly a girl or woman, attempts to integrate into Western society (even when they were born here), idiots in the West freak out and instigate ways to oppress them while saying that Islam is oppressive.   204 more words

How will Trump Zombies feel after November 8, 2016?

One of the visions I get in my mind as I’m debating a smug, unapologetic Trump supporter is the look on the faces of people living in post-World War II Germany circa late 1945. 726 more words


Traditions run deep at Armstrong

By Linda M. Bleicken, President

Special to The Inkwell

Although Armstrong offers many opportunities for innovation and creativity – in the classroom, in the lab, and beyond – the university stands apart as a warm, welcoming community defined by rich traditions. 505 more words


Social Network Burnout: Prevention is Key

It started with MySpace and only got worse from there. Around the world, people are integrating more and more social network platforms into their daily lives. 765 more words


#Burkiniban - the problem is veiled ideology

The birkini is the clothing equivalent of a Red Cross parcel in a concentration camp. It may allow the moments of joy its founder intended, but it exists because women are not free to dress as they wish within the context of Islam. 625 more words


An Open Letter to Mayor Murray and City Council On Seattle's Unsheltered Residents

This letter is a call to action.  It is time for the City to take a new approach in responding to people who are homeless and living outdoors – one that strikes an appropriate balance between the rights and needs of people sleeping outdoors and legitimate public health and safety concerns. 802 more words