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Auténticos de carne y hueso

En las últimas semanas, -y hasta que desconecté el setting de notificación-, mi celular no ha parado de vibrar emocionado con avisos de “So & so started a live video. 464 more words

Texas Country Shout Out: Whining and Dining in D.C. Media Mess

Is there any sense that the liberal media doesn’t get it?

Today, members of the media who are notorious fake news outlets and those who wish to defame the President of the United States got their just desserts. 161 more words

Shoes have diversity too - Cheyanne Perkins

Shoes have diversity too

Have you ever gone through the day and realized how many different varieties of shoes you see in the hallways, walking to class? 359 more words


The Trump owner's manual.

It’s easy to be a lazy journalist in the current political environment. Following the President’s CPAC speech, conservatives are going to tout him for “holding the media’s feet to the fire.”  Liberals are going to call him unhinged and make much of his “ranting and raving” and his “assault on the free press.” 525 more words


The Chattanooga Blueprint for a Thriving Soccer Culture

*Featured image courtesy of chattanoogasoccer.com.

Imagine a 3-legged stool. (This is for you Andrew Bresee)

It rests firmly on the ground. It’s level. And when you sit on it, you can feel comfortable that it won’t fall over. 1,458 more words


Numbers matter

Originally published in The News International, Pakistan on 9th January, 2016.

We grow up being conditioned on the fact that numbers are important. We are trained to have a quantitative outlook. 826 more words