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RHOD: Not Just Another Housewives Franchise

Bravo is taking over my life, consuming my thoughts, and ruling my world. Who needs friends when you can sit on the couch alone and watch other people have friends? 992 more words


The Illusion of Free Will

Bhupendra Chaubey asked questions, but he asked all the wrong questions. If one has a meagre presence even on one of the social media, it would have been tough to miss the… 792 more words


What Mark thinks - A veteran's viewpoint.

Mark is 82 years old. Well, at least his body is; his mind is still about 30.

People like Mark have lived a life that anyone born after 1980 cannot even comprehend. 614 more words


How Gender Inclusive is MNREGA in practice?

MNREGA mandates that a third of all workers under the programme should be women. But how gender inclusive has the implementation of the Act been? This column uses nationally representative data to analyse participation of women in MNREGA. 1,660 more words


Like it or lump it, Trump's the guy.

It’s funny – Donald Trump using a teleprompter in his North Dakota-based energy policy speech sounds a lot like Donald Trump not using a teleprompter. 201 more words


How Great Would America Be if I was Black...

There is a meme floating around on the web of a young Black girl wearing a white hat with black lettering that says…”America Was Never Great.” This picture seems to have everyone … 10 more words