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“Saudi Arabia, More Like Loudy Arabia,” Says Neighbor Oman


Fuck you, Saudi Arabia.

Hey there, it’s me, the friendly Sultanate of Oman. You may know me for not being the 1976 cult horror film,  200 more words


The government shell game that drives voters nuts.

The government giveth and it taketh away, often at the same time. This is one of the many frustrations driving the 2016 elections, and it’s about to happen again. 699 more words


Encouraging harm reduction programs at U.S. festivals should be a norm

“As long as young people are continuing to gather in massive concert crowds, drugs will inevitably persist.”

It’s not the drugs themselves, but how the U.S. 82 more words


From Haymarket Square to Hosur Road: State of workers in India in 3 charts

Sachin Tiwari

The revolution never came. Battles of workers’ rights were won but the war often lost across the world. This is what unites the Haymarket Affair of 1886 with the… 1,172 more words

Governance And Development

Editorial: Reconciling the Greatest Mistake of My Administration

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — Many members of this community have expressed recent frustration over the repetitiveness with which events in this community transpire, over our feigned shock as the exact same thing happens for the tenth time, and over our failure to deal with it due to fear of overstepping the regulations or diverging a path from the one commonly embarked upon. 2,785 more words


Ian Ker weighs in on: Do monorail projects deserve fair treatment?

Eric. You didn’t mention that it is only a couple of years since Sydney’s once much-vaunted monorail was demolished. It only ever carried half the number of passengers ‘expected’ and it destroyed the streetscapes through which it passed in central Sydney – not to mention running across one facade of the heritage-listed Queen Victoria Building at an angle to the horizontal lines of the QVB. 628 more words