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“Op-Ed” Rick Romanelli, Luiss Student

Italy/US. Liberal, proud Hillary supporter — I KNOW, DON’T REMIND ME. I covered U.S. politics and did financial analysis at Sole 24 Ore in New York. 18 more words


Texas Country Shout Out: Donald Trump Restoring American Dream and Power

Nearly 30 years after former President George H.W. Bush declared a “new world order”, President-elect Donald Trump is shaking up America – both here and abroad. 95 more words


Why does the flag matter?

There is another social media riot going on over American flags.

Burning the flag is the trending way to make an “I hate America” statement.  Not very original, but trending nonetheless. 456 more words


Don't Stop Believing

Thanks to all of the Hunters for their feedback on pet abilities. Your voices have been heard. No ETA on fixes, but there is a plan.

163 more words
General Warcraft Post

Not What I Expected

by Bryce Cornatzer

The only regret that I have thus far into my adult life is that I completely wasted my most important formative years. I rode a wave of idealism through university, naive enough to believe that all education holds a valuable place in the economy, as though the term ‘starving artist’ alluded to someone who liked fine, hand-tailored scarves. 785 more words


A Call to Action: Women, We Need You

Now is the time to do everything you’ve ever wanted to, and everything we can to make things better. Because since that second week in November, we are in grave danger: Certain individuals who will soon be power don’t like our bodies or want them, or us, to have rights. 826 more words


Your Mental Health is More Important Than Your School, So Just Burn it Down Already, Feed it to the Flames

By HUGO HENTOFF Dec. 1, 2016

A lot of times it can feel like getting good grades is the most important thing in the world, but it’s crucial to remember that your mental health matters too. 161 more words