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Heartbreaking video showing how bullying affects 14 year old with Asperger's Syndrome

If this does not absolutely break your heart, I don’t know what will.

I understand how he feels, having spent the first three years of high school in a haze of nausea and fear because of bullying.

Living wages, dying fiduciary responsibility

I had a short piece in today’s Dominion Post on Wellington Council’s living wage policy. After walking through the standard reasons why this is a bad way of helping the working poor, I touched on some of the likely consequences: 221 more words


REALISM TAINTED WITH WISHFUL THINKING: In this op-ed Dennis Sammut cautiously welcomes the new EU neighbourhood strategy, but warns about wishful thinking and unanswered questions.

On Wednesday, 18 November, the European Union unveiled its new strategy towards its neighbourhood in a joint communication from the European Commission and the High Representative for Foreign and Security policy… 1,102 more words

Dennis Sammut

Updated for 2015: How bullying destroyed my teenage years and affected my whole life: why Anti-Bullying Week matters

I first wrote this five years ago, and I share it every year during Anti-Bullying Week. I could write¬†something else, but it took some emotional energy to write the first time and I’m not really up for putting myself through it again.¬† 1,302 more words

Building Walls

I just finished watching Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, a great spy thriller based on the account of James Donovan, a New York lawyer who represented a Soviet spy in court in 1957, and then who subsequently was the main negotiator, five years later, coordinating an exchange of that Soviet spy for an American pilot shot down over the Soviet Union. 413 more words



When I first heard about the Paris attacks today, I was listening to the radio and the hourly news headlined with the attacks: 18 dead the report said, multiple attacks, explosions and shootings. 555 more words