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How Palestinians Should Respond to Trump's 'One State'

Rather, Netanyahu’s framework maintains the status of the Palestinian inhabitants of the territories as second-class citizens: living within an overarching Jewish state which refuses to provide them with citizenship or political rights, in other words, apartheid. 54 more words


Mark Johnson: Come up with a plan supported by a sizable majority

Letter to the editor published online at Amherst Bulletin, Thursday, February 16, 2017:

When the question of the school vote first came up, I was impressed by all the letters in the Amherst Bulletin and the signs on the streets advocating for and against the school proposal. 93 more words

Public Comment

Government in China: OpEd

Madison Sinclair │02. 16.17

China as a Communist State

The People’s Republic of China is an active communist state. In a communist state, in this case, China, the government controls the economy, and a single party holds power. 373 more words


The Great Divide: Public Opinion vs. Canadian Government Policy on Israel/Palestine

(This op-ed was originally published in Ricochet Media)

In the first all-party leaders’ debate in Canada’s 2015 federal election, Stephen Harper, arguably the most pro-Israel Prime Minister in Canadian history, … 1,237 more words


I have been feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted lately. Anyone else? I couldn’t figure out why for awhile, but then realized how frequently the news, posts on Facebook, tweets, and other television shows had me feeling I was on high alert all the time, constantly  reactionary. 517 more words

North Korean Law

The legal system of North Korea is a fascinating and perfect blend of the two main classes of trial systems. The oldest form of legal system is the inquisitorial system. 367 more words


Infographic: The Palestinian Security Sector in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Authority is paying more than $40m each month to keep its 33,550 security employees in Gaza on a leave of absence. Absentees in the security sector have added some $4.8bn to the PA’s wage bill over the past 10 years. 54 more words