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المساعدات الدولية للفلسطينيين... هدية ملعونة

ستستمر الحلقة المفرغة هذه (المساعدات مقابل الألم، والألم مقابل الحصول على المساعدات) في إعادة إنتاج ذاتها، وبشكل أقسى مع مرور الوقت حتى اللحظة التي يتم فيها دفن نموذج معونة “أوسلو”، ويعاد إيجاد نظام مساعدات دولي للفلسطينيين، يأخذ كرامة الفلسطينيين على محمل الجد، ويضعها في صلب النظام الجديد. ولكن الخطوة الأولى لعملية إعادة الخلق هذه هي بيد الفلسطينيين أنفسهم، لأن كرامتهم هي التي دوماً على المحك.

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How US Security Aid to PA Sustains Israel's Occupation

US military aid to Israel is not the only way in which the US subsidises the Israeli occupation of Palestine. US aid to Palestinians, averaging $400m a year since 2008, split between budget support to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and civilian project-based assistance, also ultimately sustains the Israeli occupation. 11 more words


Archives: The struggle for local democracy in Malaysia

This is one of those special times for Malaysia when change and ideas are most  welcome. So there is hope and opportunity.  And it is one of those special times when change, even paradigm shifts are possible, and local governments given a new and more central place in the lives of our citizens.

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The Third Force

This New York Times Facebook Op-Ed Is a Joke

Image: Sam and Jessica Lessin (Getty)
The New york city Timesop-ed area the other day published an opinion piece that protected Facebook from calls that it ought to fact-check the news as a method of combating phony stories. 16 more words

Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Fall 2016 Newsletter

This carefully compiled seasonal report from Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute is a fine tool and up to date source guide for researchers and policy makers worldwide. 2,490 more words


Greeney: Avoid Divisiveness

New school plan must unify Amherst
Robert Greeney
Published in Amherst Bulletin, Friday, Nov. 25

Our country is divided and polarized by the recent presidential campaign and election. 118 more words

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Theilman: School Options Need Exploration

School options now must have thorough exploration
MaryLou Theilman
op-ed published at Amherst Bulletin, Friday Nov. 25

I was sorry to read that Rick Hood was so disappointed in the vote for a new school that he believes Town Meeting should be abolished. 381 more words

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