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Clinton Vs. Trump Round 1

My snaps of the debate, in chronological order (he = Trump, she = Clinton):

Excellent debate, and he’s actually doing a decent job….he’s reigned back the populism finally. 486 more words


Self-Driving Vehicles

We have a serious problem with automation. People used to say that all the time: manufacture jobs being replaced by machines, fast-food personnel being replaced by automatic burger makers (which is an actual… 680 more words


Queue Management Device

Engineers at North Carolina State University and Intel have come with a solution they think will get multi-core processors talking more quickly. The application, called a Queue Management Device (QMD), involves adding a hardware implemented queue directly to the CPU. 261 more words


Google and Security

More from the Google camp today as they announce that starting in January HTTP websites will be marked as insecure with Chrome version 56. I personally believe this is a great step forward in securing the internet with end-to-end protections. 375 more words


Google Pixel

Google is supposedly deploying two new phones on October 4th, and I’m super excited. For the last few years I’ve used almost exclusively Galaxy brands, and while I still think they’re the best Android phones on the market (and probably “phones” in general), the prospect of getting a new set of the Google phone product is amazing. 291 more words


(MO*Column) De beeldenstorm op het bruingemaakte (vrouwen)lijf

(gepubliceerd op mo.be op 5 september 2016)

Drie politiemannen omsingelen een vrouw en bevelen haar  verhullende kledingstukken uit te trekken. Neen, dit is niet ergens in een Algerijns bergdorp, op het hoogtepunt van de Franse koloniale avonturen daar, maar aan de Côte d’Azur. 929 more words


Remember the Victims: How Hating Rapists Won't Prevent Sexual Assault on College Campuses

In the wake of news that Brock Turner, the former Stanford student who raped an unconscious woman, was released after serving three months of a six month sentence outrage filled the air. 814 more words

Zachary FR Anderson