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Not All Incidents Are Created Equal: the Racism Card

I recently encountered an excellent CBC article written by Neil MacDonald, about the shooting of an unarmed man in a Virginia suburb. The unarmed man was not of an ethnic minority, was innocent of any crime at that moment, had his hands upraised, was complying with the police, and was shot by a trigger-happy cop with anger management issues. 1,076 more words


Op-Ed. "Taxis as we know them are expected to disappear"

All of the protests taking place at varying levels of violence in different parts of the world against Uber and Uber-like taxi and shared-transport services are definitely not just an example of a one-shot phenomenon that will resolve itself in different ways in different places,  and then shortly go away, leaving things largely as they always were in our sensationally inefficient mobility arrangements in and around our cities.   2,103 more words


Word from my Brother (a Stay-At-Home Dad, Sort of)

My brother is the primary caregiver in his family. He lost his job just before his daughter was born, and hadn’t been able to find something until recently. 847 more words


How to Ask for the WiFi Password


Have a conversation with the person sitting next to you… extra points if he or she is hot ;)


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The Quest for Ethical Isometric Principles in Cross-Cultural Bioethical Research

by Emmanuel A. Kornyo •


It is undeniable that contemporary corpus of biomedical research continues to gather unprecedented volumetric proportions sometimes beyond the assimilative powers of many scholars even within the scientific community. 2,333 more words


The Legacy of Social Media: Your Last Will and Testament

A recent article from the BBC gave me a bit of a start this morning:

Facebook has added a new setting that gives users the option of having their account permanently deleted when they die. 445 more words