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Queer Celebrities are Entitled to Privacy

A couple of weeks ago, the editorial director of voices and executive editor of queer articles at a prominent feminist publication (I will not name which one, as I do not want to give his piece more traffic) wrote an article about how it was “bullshit” Demi Lovato did not want to come out and wanted her sexuality to remain private. 1,361 more words

Demi Lovato

Visions of 'New India'

Sankalp se Siddhi is a mega campaign by the BJP to create a ‘new’ India from 2017-2022. Modi claims it is a movement against corruption, poverty, and filth. 1,301 more words


Trump does not represent Wagner College. We do.

The following was published in The Wagnerian on Sept. 28th, 2017.  

Long before moving into the White House, Donald Trump spoke to Wagner College at Commencement, not as the leader of  the free world, or even as a businessman — Trump appeared before hundreds of eager graduates to brag about his recent spike in popularity due to NBC’s “The Apprentice.” … 1,460 more words


Squadron 42 at CitizenCon?

I have long weathered the turmoil that is the development of the space sim MMO Star Citizen and its associated single player game Squadron 42. Nearly six years after the original crowdfunding campaign began, development is still going, often not at the speed most desired by those of us who backed early. 615 more words


Cape in Point: The First Line and the Last

Gotham… Gotham is a black page. Gotham is a black page you write on in white font… to find your way down, down, down. It;s the first line…of the last story… you;ll ever write… 592 more words

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Article dans Mediapart: "L’Antifa outre-Atlantique"

Cliquez ici pour lire mon article, “L’Antifa outre-Atlantique“, dans Mediapart. Cet article s’inscrit dans les activités du Radical Education Department (RED).

Extrait… 247 more words

Protecting Our Nurses

September Op-ed for the Bridge River Lillooet News

There’s an urgent need to upgrade the way health care is being delivered—and not to patients. Nurses are now more likely than law enforcement to have a violent injury claim—and, according to the BC Nurses Union, violent incidents are being under-reported by as much as 70%. 471 more words