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Adelaide into the Eighties. Part I: Background & Objectives

This is the first of a series of three articles given over to commenting on the life and usefulness of a report commissioned by the Director General of Transport in South Australia in 1979, entitled Adelaide into the Eighties: Strategies & Directions for Transport Policy in South Australia. 842 more words


Building Blocks

Writer: A person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job

Writing: A sequence of letters, words, or symbols marked on a surface

Like any other job, being a writer requires tools. 277 more words


On Keeping One's Word

To my fellow Canadians who wish that our government had kept our CF-18s bombing the Islamic State in the Middle East: Prime Minister Trudeau has kept true to his… 383 more words


Geauxing Greek: a personal experience

Formal sorority recruitment was like Mulan’s training montage in the Disney movie itself: filled with singing, dancing and bonds made from the daunting (and sometimes overwhelming) experience. 1,517 more words


This Is Metal

The Werst

**Editor’s Note – this is an opinion piece. Read on at your own discretion. NSFW – Language

The Metal community, and myself personally, have been rocked by the actions of one of our original heroes. 1,144 more words


[MO*Column] Radicale Vervreemding

Waarom pendelproblemen zwaarder wegen dan de afbraak van sociale zekerheid.

(verscheen 27 januari 2016 op mo.be)

Op 15 januari zou Martin Luther King (MLK) 87 kaarsjes hebben uitgeblazen. 1,172 more words


A New Year, A New Perspective: Reframing the National Dialogue on Gun Control and Gun Violence Research

By Pranav Aurora[1] and Tristan Jones[2] •

The New Year is a symbol of both continuity and rebirth. A new year serves as an important mile-marker, reminding us of our progress over the previous year and empowering us to carry on into the next one. 2,802 more words