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Trying to Coax a Turkey out of a Tree

I was reading about the Suruc bombing in Turkey this past Monday, which made me question whether the Islamic State actually did commit that act, as they haven’t leapt forward to claim responsibility, as is their usual trend. 68 more words


On Farron's lurch to the left

If you read some commentators, you’d think that in less than a week of leadership, Tim Farron had virtually turned us all into revolutionary socialists. 827 more words


Battling my own struggles with acquired racism

Some say if you stuck a black baby, and a white baby in the same room, they’d know no different than simply each other being playmates — rather than different skin colours.  276 more words


Why #IminworkJeremy matters to me

I may be in Scotland with my NHS well out of the clutches of Jeremy Hunt and the Tories, but I have been very interested in the Twitter phenomenon that has become #IminworkJeremy as NHS staff… 469 more words


Canadian Lemonade

July Op-Ed for Bridge River Lillooet News

Recently, I emailed a criticism to a CBC radio show. While conducting an interview the host learned that slaves had been sold to buy molasses for the making of rum. 472 more words


Should politicians be pontificating about sin at all?

On Thursday night, Tim Farron gave a barnstorming, passionate, electrifying first speech as leader of the Liberal Democrats. It was him at his best. And it no doubt terrified opponents in the Labour Party. 657 more words

Nuclear Energy in SEA: Public Engagement Before Policies

Three Years after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster several Southeast Asian governments have revived their nuclear plans, with Vietnam leading the way for six nuclear plants. The moves have been galvanised by Japan’s U-turn to retain nuclear energy after initially wanting to phase out nuclear power plants after the 3-11 disaster. 41 more words

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