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Op-Ed: "Philosophy in Prison: Educating the Educator"

Click here to read my most recent opinion piece, which was generated out of a collectivist prison project that is described below. The other five pieces, written by inmates at Graterford Prison, will be published in the coming weeks. 103 more words

Is the ESRB Really a Valuable Resource?

Living in America, the games I buy follow the ESRB’s (Entertainment Software Rating Board) standards. Recently, I found a guide to help parents understand the ESRB’s rating. 3,168 more words

Video Games

What comes after Abbas and Netanyahu?

The panacea for a real change arises through engaging in contentious collective actions that aim to challenge the existing actors and institutions and their claims of political representation. 78 more words


Opinion: Don't use white women to sell black hair products

By Jessica Simpson
Chicago, IL

From the time an African American girl is born, she’s told that she must aspire to have “good hair.” She is told that her hair is nappy and should be relaxed because it’s too difficult to style naturally. 659 more words


Opinion: The scourge of environmental racism

By Yamilet Velez
Los Angeles, CA

In the low-income neighborhoods that surround the worst factories in the United States, smoke fills workers’ lungs, clogs the environment, and paints the skies grey. 418 more words


Opinion: Gentrification erodes authentic communities

By Gabby Santana
New York City, NY

In the 1980’s my grandmother emigrated from the Dominican Republic to the South Bronx, carrying her belongings, her wedding photographs, and jewelry passed down through several generations, all packed into three suitcases. 608 more words


Opinion: Wikipedia as a scholarly source: More reliable than you might think

By Jadyn Vizcaino-Bishock
Jersey City, NJ

To the academic world, Wikipedia is synonymous with unreliable information. But that’s not really the case.

The major problem people have with Wikipedia is that anyone can edit any page on the website. 629 more words