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「Gravity Falls」" ORIGINAL LYRICS "【OribiaーChan】

Everyone’s making their own lyrics and stuff to this shows Opening, so I figured, “Hey! I’m gonna join that loop.”

So I made my own lyrics, and a video for the Opening. 78 more words


Uuuuuuumm hi?

hey everyone! I’m trying to figure out how to make a poll for the voting. I am still animating the first episode and stuff and to be honest i have gained alot more acceptance for the object show creators that rarely post because i now know how much effort goes into a single episode… however: Pringles make things much easier… I like the sour cream and onion flavoured ones: 34 more words


Duel Masters RSV's opening!

SuG will make OP anime Duel Masters RSV!
The song is titled “Luv it!!” and the TV version is now available on iTunes. 8 more words

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Reading the memoir Orange Is the New Black

Dear all,

I just updated our Page here devoted to this book and related issues. If you are reading the memoir, or already read /red/ it, please, have a look and read /riid/ until the divider and the “More…?” new section. 38 more words


El modo URF de League of Legends es UN PUTO ASCO.

Nota: el tono de este post tiende a crecer con respecto va avanzando la opinión del tema. Si usted es una persona susceptible y no desea ofenderse por lo que escribe un ANÓNIMO EN SU BLOG, le pido con respeto que se VAYA A TOMAR POR CULO. 648 more words

League Of Legends

Favorite Winter 2015 Openings

Before the Spring Season gets into full swing, I need to rank my favorite openings and endings of Winter 2015. What were your favorites? I’m ranking them from a combination of music and animation, along with how much love or excitement the opening got from me for the show while it ran during those first moments. 256 more words