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Watamote - Fall in love. Be Popular.

One of my favourite anime shows is watamote, and I enjoy its comedy and protagonist. Luckily for us Watamote’s OP, unfortunately named “No matter how I look at it, it’s your fault I’m not popular”, has a lot of intrigue I’m going to explore today similar to my recent post talking about Kaiji. 985 more words


Breaking the Rules: An Examination of Game-Breaking Mechanics in Top Decks

Originally, I had begun this essay to vent off some frustration that had developed from playing ladder. Blaming cards for their brokenness, I wanted to excise all of it into a well thought out and rationalized analysis of why said cards, that I had thought broken, were indeed broken. 3,861 more words

TES: Legends Miscellaneous

Yes People Did See You Singing Your Favorite OP

It was like a free concert. After thinking you were alone you decided to belt out your favorite OP because you wanted to. Unfortunately, after showing the empty room how awesome your voice is, you realized that you forgot to close your blinds and window and that a bunch of people saw your performance. 34 more words


Memories: Remembering Who We Are

We are always looking back and re-membering.

          While writing this, a man just wobbled into someone’s lap on the metro. Human balance is hard to maintain, isn’t it? 809 more words

10x10 artist exhibition at Op

10×10 artist exhibition at Op
Last week a 10×10 artist exhibition has been opened in Op, a shop-in-shop by owner Judith Koning. 10X10artist is an art project by gallery… 90 more words


#Her2020 - US Right to Petition is roadkill

It’s the way life goes – a birth and a death often coincide. A story was born that day on the road, while the US constitution was roadkill. 402 more words