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The Crevasse: a meditation on accountability of firms in the face of opacity as the complexity of scale

To recap:

(A1) Beneath corporate secrecy and user technical illiteracy, a fundamental source of opacity in “algorithms” and “machine learning” is the complexity of scale, especially scale of data inputs. 768 more words


Three Generations: The Future

The engines settled into their usual steady rhythm as the airship reached cruising altitude. Lysis leaned against the railing on the upper deck, making faces at the wind blowing his bangs in every direction. 2,302 more words

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Three Generations: The Present

By the time Hirudynea stepped into the hallway, Leiurus was already gone from her room, probably busy in the kitchen. The Shadow Chaser yawned as she made her way to the lobby, wanting to finish the previous night’s task of tidying her desk before having breakfast. 588 more words

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Three Generations: The Past

“May I ask you something, Sir Steinn?”

Steinn leaned back in his chair, taking note of Monodon’s guarded expression. The younger man was always hard to read, but with the sudden change in topic, he seemed to become particularly withdrawn. 1,010 more words

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Using Gradient Maps in Affinity Photo

Gradient Maps are used to replace or add to the tones of an image with a simplified range of colours. These are then blended together using a gradient. 234 more words


A Toast to Deception

Monodon glanced at the goblet on the table then returned his attention to the potential client. “Generous of you to offer a drink before we’ve discussed any terms,” he commented. 738 more words

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