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Opacity in machine learning algorithms

BLOG: In her new article “How the machine ‘thinks’: Understanding opacity in machine learning algorithms” (January 2016) Jenna Burrell from UC Berkley School of Information discusses methods to investigate opacity in algorithms. 424 more words


Google Anything, So Long as It's Not Google

I just came across this fascinating article, now 10 years old, detailing how former Google CEO Eric Schmidt cut off relations with CNET after a reporter there had the temerity to detail the information she was able to find out about him via Google: 447 more words

Corporate Culture, Elites And Their Self-Understandings

"Transactions that are too complex...to be allowed to exist." cf @FrankPasquale

I stand corrected; my interpretation of Pasquale in my last post was too narrow. Having completed Chapter One of The Black Box Society (TBBS), Pasquale does not take the naive view that all organizational secrecy should be abolished, as I might have once. 1,036 more words

Accidents of History

Published on The Inkling on the 8th of November 2015

‘Digging has never been a modernist gesture.’ Abigail Reynolds[i]

The artist Abigail Reynolds’ work employs collage, historically using illustrated book plates which she cuts, manipulates and reassembles, creating new adjacencies, forms and narratives. 1,171 more words


Is the opacity of governance natural? cf @FrankPasquale

I’ve begun reading Frank Pasquale’s The Black Box Society on the recommendation that it’s a good place to start if I’m looking to focus a… 609 more words



This week was spent finalising the designs and production of our Luminaires for submission. We spent some time presenting our ideas and thoughts on opacity/translucency a couple of weeks back, and took what we learnt during that discussion to create something that really played with these features of light. 250 more words