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Varying Transparencies in Live Paint

Something I hadn’t considered before it came up at work was that it might be useful to sometimes have areas of varying transparency in a single live paint group. 604 more words


CSS - Color

CSS supports a variety of colors which can be assigned to the element in three different ways:

  1. Named colors – Words that describe colors/ keyword colors.
  2. 481 more words

"Hacking as an ethos"

In class on Monday we talked about the opacity of both humans and games. In general in this class, we often talk about the parallels between people and our lives and the world of video games. 507 more words


Work In Progress: NIGHT WARRIORS

Work In Progress Part 3: Toning

After I finished my inking, I scanned all my pages into the computer and used Adobe Photoshop to add some tone. 182 more words

Nick Curry

CSS - Opacity

Opacity, in other words transparency.

In CSS, it’s measured from 0 to 1.

1 represents 100%, or fully visible and opaque.

0 represents 0%, or fully… 20 more words


CSS opacity

You can use the “opacity” property to set an alpha of an element. For example.

img { opacity: 0.5 }

Reading Paint Label

Colors can darken or turn gray. Colors can lighten and fade. The result: a painting that looks nothing like when it was 1st created! Id be Heartbroken!!! 749 more words